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Elden Ring

Elden Ring: Three pizza cutters make short work of Malenia

Malenia is a nasty boss in Elden Ring that many players have already bitten their teeth off. But with this tactic Malenia disappears faster than a delicious pizza. Don’t you think? see for yourself

Delicious entertainment in Elden Ring

And how do you cut a pizza? Right with a pizza cutter! This is exactly what a group of tainted unpacked to bring Malenia down in the shortest possible time and without being able to really defend herself.


So no real pizza cutters, but Ghiza’s wheel, which is often referred to as a “pizza cutter” – or in German “pizza cutter” – because of its appearance. But it not only glides well through Margherita but also through Malenia.

Here you can see how well the trio of pizza cutters works:


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Malenia has little chance to move as she is almost constantly stunned. You can’t expect clean slices of pizza as a result – rather sliced ​​pizza. The fan community on Reddit is also happy about the delicious massacre of the boss.

“At this point, you just make pesto out of it,” says one user. Another says you shouldn’t make tomato sauce with the pizza cutter. And he’s not entirely wrong, because while the three wheels are sawing into Malenia, a red liquid is sprayed, which isn’t that far removed from tomato sauce. Enjoy your meal!