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Elden Ring to Game Pass? Sarah Bond tries to tell us something – Xbox

elden ring to game pass? sarah bond tries to tell

Let’s be honest, after Microsoft’s purchase of Activision Blizzard, the illusion of seeing a wide variety of great games on Xbox Game Pass is almost incomparable. If we are now dreaming of all the Call of Duty games on the service, what will the hype be like when an Xbox executive throws us clues about the possible arrival of a From Software game in the catalog.

And yes, today Sarah Bond, vice president of the Xbox brand, has posted a simple message on Twitter, but it has shaken the entire community due to the magnitude of that announcement. Based on her message, which is made up of only 2 emojis, an Xbox hashtag, and an Elden Ring image, we can think of a lot of things. This, although it is pure smoke, is already a fairly important message that can mean many things, but which we hope will be the arrival of the game on Game Pass.

Elden Ring in Game Pass, an unprecedented announcement

For now, there is only a slim chance that this is a major announcement. With Gamescom 2023 ahead, and Xbox’s largest participation in this event, there is nothing more to create rumors and hopes.


Now, the reality is that no From Software game has been released on Game Pass so far. Although Sekiro is part of the Activision distribution, this would already be because Microsoft itself owns the company. In addition, another complex point is that Sony has a stake in the developer’s shares, so we cannot get our hopes up.

While we’re buzzing and dreaming of Elden Ring on Xbox Game Pass, another From Software game is in its release window. Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon will arrive on August 25, 2023 and it will be an interesting bet after the success of the souls saga.