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Elden Ring

Elden Ring: Unlock All Known Endings – One save saves you dozens of hours


Elden Ring offers multiple endings, but getting there is nerve-wracking. If you don’t want to do the difficult battles twice, you can find out the ideal time to save on MeinMMO. Warning: Spoilers for Elden Ring!


The difficulty of the boss fights and the urge to explore make the playthrough a real challenge. Depending on your skill in combat, it’s possible to be through with an ending within 30 hours. The average value of the players is about 46.5 hours (via

However, with a well-directed save point and a backup near the end of the game, you’ll be able to unlock most of the endings without replaying the game.

In order to be able to name the exact save time, you have to accept small spoilers. However, these mainly concern the preparation of the various endings. Does not contain spoilers related to the game’s core story.

Everything you need to know about the Elden Ring in 2 minutes

Beware of the “point of no return”

When is the best time to save? The best time to “save” the game and experience all of the endings is just before the end of Elden Ring.

As a result of winning the final boss fight, you are in a place of mercy and close to Marika. Since said Place of Grace is located here, you can leave the game/place and come back.

Now you create your backup file of the game. We explain how this works below.


Arriving at Marika, the choice of the healing rune determines the end that begins afterwards. You get the various healing runes from different quests, which we also list further down in the article.

So you can play most of the game without worrying about the ending. This saves you spoilers.

However, it is important to advance the required quests for the various endings as far as possible beforehand. An important exception is the ending of “Lord of the Raging Flame”. There is a so-called “point of no return” at which you should stop.


Elden Ring: PC, Xbox, PS4 / PS5 save backups

How to create a backup: The creation of a backup of your saved game differs from platform to platform. Below we summarize for you how to create a backup on Xbox, PlayStation and PC.

Create backup on PC:

  • The creation of a backup on the PC is very uncomplicated.
  • Open the respective Elden Ring folder on your hard drive (example: C:\Users\[Benutzername]\AppData\Roaming\EldenRing).
  • To be on the safe side, the other Steam folder (example: C:\Programs (x86)\Steam\userdata) should also be copied. Copy it and paste it in another folder.

The target folder serves as storage space and should be easy to find again. In order to restore the saved game, you paste the copied folder back into the original location and overwrite the existing file.

Create backup on PS5 / PS4:

  • A Playstation Plus subscription is required to create a backup on PS4 and PS5.
  • You need to upload the save to the PS Plus cloud:
  • Console Settings > Saved Data Management > Saved Data > Console Storage > Upload your save to PS+ Cloud.
  • Make sure that the automatic synchronization of game data is switched off.
  • In order to be able to play the backup game after the end, you have to download it again from the cloud:
  • Console Settings > Saved Data Management > Saved Data > Cloud Storage / USB Drive > Copy to Console > Overwrite Console Storage.

Back up to Xbox:

  • On Xbox One/ Xbox Series, it is important to disconnect the console from the internet.
  • You then have to move around in the game for a few seconds with the internet connection disconnected and then reconnect to the internet. The cloud service is now saving.
  • If you now play an ending, you must then delete the saved Elden Ring data from the console
  • Home button > scroll down to Elden Ring > press options > manage game > save data > click gamertag > clear save data > clear from console.

When restarting the game, the backup save is now downloaded from the cloud.

Fulfillment of requirements: From Elden Lord to healing runes

All endings at a glance: Many of the endings unlockable in Elden Ring have quest lines that must be completed before completing the game. Read the requirements of the individual endings on MeinMMO:

  • Elden Lord: Age of Fracture: Since this is the default ending of the game, no further steps need to be taken to unlock it.
  • Elden Lord: Age of Dawn: To experience that ending, you must complete Fia’s quest line and obtain the Death Prince’s Rune.
  • Age of Stars: Since you don’t need a specific item for this ending, completing the Ranni the Witch quest line is sufficient.
  • Elden Lord: Age of Despair: The completion of the Dung Eater quest line is required to unlock it. You must also have obtained the “Rune of Curse” (Fell Curse).
  • Elden Lord: Age of Order: This ending requires the completion of the Brother Corhyn and Gold Mask quest line in addition to the Rune of Perfect Order.
  • Lord of the Raging Flame: Make your way to the Place of Mercy in front of the Frenzied Flame entrance, but don’t go through the door! If you’ve already gone through the door, you’ll need to complete Millicent’s quest. So you get an item with which you can undo this ending.

For example, for the Age of Stars you must complete Ranni’s quest:

Elden Ring: Complete Ranni quest – This is what you have to do for it

The activation of the ends in detail

When you go to Marika as a result of the final battle, the selection of the different healing runes determines the end that begins afterwards.


You start the “Age of the Stars” ending with the blue summoning sEsports Extrason the ground. This summons Ranni.

The final ending: The Lord of the Raging Flame ending has the potential of not being able to go back to the save. Therefore, you should play this ending last.

To do this, return to the location in front of the Frenzied Flame door. Then take off your armor and go through the door.


Elden Ring is characterized by enormous difficulty and large-scale exploration. But in addition to different endings, Elden Ring also offers a decent selection of different class secrets.

The attraction of a second run is certainly there and for many players it is certainly more rewarding to play alternative endings than to load a save or a backup.

Despite the length and challenging fights, do you fancy a second run? Are you interested in testing other classes and using the knowledge from the first run?


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