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Elden Ring

Elden Ring was going to have a mechanic to catch the dreams of enemies

Barely a month and a half has passed since the successful launch of Elden Ringbut the gaming community continues to discover new secrets both inside and outside FromSoftware’s latest project: in addition to finding ways to finish the main plot in just over 12 minutes or fun ways to play imitating Sonic the Hedgehog and Will Smith, now too a new and interesting mechanic has been unveiled that is not available in the final version and that would allow us to catch the dreams of enemy characters that we see sleeping soundly in the Middle Lands.

has been the known youtuber lance mcdonaldspecialized in finding secrets in FromSoftware games, who has revealed this mechanical that has not reached the final version from Elden Ring. Apparently, in the multiplayer test that took place last November, it was available, although it was blocked so that players could not use it. Still, this data miner has managed to bypass that limitation and has published a video in which we can see what this peculiar mechanics would be like.

As you have been able to see, this mechanic cut from Elden Ring allow us approach sleeping enemies and capture their dreams with a special item that doesn’t seem to be available in the final version of the game either. The goal of this system would be to deliver the “fog” of sleep to an NPC that would transform it into an alcoholic liquid that we can give to other characters to discover new secrets of the game.

These enemies also do not appear in the final version of Elden Ring: Although there are sleeping animals, in the current game they wake up in case we walk by, unlike the ones in the multiplayer beta, and they do not have a foggy seal to tell us which ones we could steal their dreams from.

Cut content or possible DLC?

At the moment it is unknown if this mechanic could be part of a alleged future DLCWhat the coliseum that he himself discovered youtuber, or if it’s just cut content. It has also been linked to the dozens of unique skins found in the game files. The truth is that it seems to be a large enough amount of content to be considered simply a discarded mechanic: special animations have been discovered, lines of dialogue interpreted by voice actors, new objects with complete descriptions, an entry in the tutorial…

Be that as it may, the truth is that Elden Ring It does not yet have plans to receive expansions, at least it is not something that has been officially announced from FromSoftware. Nor is it that you need it, because, as we said in our analysis, we are facing “such an ambitious title, exquisitely designed and unfathomable”. If you don’t want to miss a single one of its secrets, we recommend you have our guide at hand.


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