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Elden Ring: Websites Sell Illegal Items for Money – Even YouTubers Promote It

The hype surrounding the Elden Ring has apparently attracted some dubious figures who want to profit from it. They sell all sorts of items through web shops for real money. This is actually forbidden, and yet some YouTubers even advertise such offers on their channel. More and more players warn of scams.

What is the problem? Elden Ring is actually an action RPG that can be played either solo or in co-op. There is also PvP. There are no in-game shops or offers to spend real money on items. This is what is known as “RMT” or “Real Money Trade”.

Vendors sell all sorts of items you can find in the game through dubious websites and ask real money for them. For example, you can shell out 17 euros for the Sword of the Night and Flame. One of the strongest weapons, but actually not difficult to get.

YouTuber ParagonDS, who has been making videos related to FromSoftware games for years, has criticized other YouTubers for promoting these stores.

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A notice: We will not go into more detail about the various offers and how they are created. These are clear violations of policy and we only want to inform about them, not provide additional advertising.

Item sellers apparently hire YouTubers to promote illegal items

This is what the YouTuber says: In its video, ParagonDS warns against item sellers. Since these items are offered as generated bulk goods, they are considered “illegal” and should such an item be found in a buyer’s inventory, this can lead to a ban. The Elden Ring servers can filter out such items.

This also happened in another case when players in online multiplayer gave NPC Fia’s underwear to unsuspecting players. Some of them fell victim to a ban for picking up this item unknowingly. The underwear shouldn’t even be in the game and was brought back by modders, the mere possession of which is considered a policy violation by the game.

These are the official guidelines on the subject: The Elden Ring Terms of Service states:

No player may transfer their rights as a player, items, characters and saved data within the game related to the software and acquired through the services (including so-called “real money trading”) to another , sell to or buy from another, change the name to another’s name, or give to another as pledge or other security.

However, the biggest point of criticism from ParagonDS is that the ominous shop operators use other YouTubers to advertise their offer. This is problematic in several ways:

  • The buyers of these items are often ignorant and have no idea that the purchase could bring them a permanent ban.
  • It is not clear whether the YouTubers know about it and accept it because they benefit from it, or whether ignorance is also being exploited by the shop operators here.
  • Either way, these YouTubers advertise “illegal” products and may benefit from this scam through affiliate links.

He doesn’t name any names, but not only smaller YouTubers would advertise it. Apparently, some larger channels also have affiliate links under their Elden Ring videos. There are even discounts on purchases when using the links from the respective videos.

The whole thing is sold like a standard advertising deal on YouTube, although this is not a “normal” offer.

ParagonDS calls for you to ignore these item shops and stop promoting them: “If you see these companies trying to contact you and recruit you, it’s best to just ignore them.”

If you look at the operators of such websites, it gets strange anyway. The YouTuber gives an example of a shop whose company headquarters is in England, while the company owner lives in China. There are also fake reviews to give a better picture and so on.

Why do YouTubers advertise such offers? One can only speculate about this and ParagonDS has little understanding for this:

As much as information is disseminated these days, why these channels voluntarily participate in such promotions and, worse, still promote them to their impressionable audiences is a mystery and we should rebuke them when we see them.

“More and more people are trying to sell items on my Discord”

Why does he even care? The YouTuber has spoken out on the subject before, but at the time still had the attitude that it wasn’t a big issue and it hardly affected him.

  • But now he’s finding that more and more people are joining his community on Discord and trying to sell their items there.
  • He himself has also received several offers from companies behind such offers, which also propose a partnership to him.
  • There are also numerous complaints from players from his community who have themselves been victims of such offers and warn that there are also dubious scams.
  • Some reviews on such sites even warn that credit card data has been stolen.

Incidentally, YouTubers are not the only ones promoting these shops. According to user reports, they are available on Facebook or even as official YouTube advertising on the website.

If you are urgently looking for items, the YouTuber recommends “Patches Emporium” as an alternative, in which players can exchange or give away items without major problems or rule violations.

In general, the following advice applies: Keep your hands off such offers. It’s basically not worth it and it’s forbidden. You’re just spending money pointlessly, risking a ban or even worse. Ask around in the community if you urgently want a specific item.

But there is hardly one that requires so much effort that you would have to spend several euros for it.

What do you think about that? Have you already made your own experiences with such offers? Have you been the victim of scams or forbidden item gifts yourself?

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