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Elden Ring

The beginning of Elden Ring could have been different; understand!



The opening moments of Elden Ring's campaign could be quite different. The game files indicate that FromSoftware had plans that were not those used in the game. Not only the setting of Maculado’s “birth”, but also some narrative elements.

According to the well-known dataminer “Sekiro Dubi”, an alternative starting location for the character would have been mentioned in the 2021 network test version. In the scene, the hero would appear on a beach, not in the closed dungeon that serves as the edition's tutorial Of launching.


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This scene would also involve the less late appearance of Melina and the horse Torrent. A note in Japanese identified in the Elden Ring archives suggests that Limgrave's big reveal would occur another way, as the Tainted One would be guided through the Middle Lands after washing his face in the sea.


From there, the way to effectively start the adventure would be to interact with a mercenary, reach the Drifting Cemetery and reach the Chapel of Anticipation only at a later point in the campaign. Check out the video below with more details of the discovery:


Elden Ring is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC.

Elden Ring continues to be dominated by cheaters

Even two years after its release, Elden Ring remains dominated by cheaters. Some exploits remain active and allow players to take advantage of flaws to improve their characters. Click here to learn more.

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