Elden Ring’s anti-cheat system isn’t polished, and this hacker proves it by raiding other players

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The user, who has already pointed this out in other Souls, explains that From Software has only patched the problem.

Elden Ring has been on everyone’s lips since before its premiere, although one of these reasons has not been entirely positive. A few weeks before release, a serious problem with the Souls online system was brought to light that forced it to be disabled in Dark Souls games, although From Software focused all its efforts on fixing the situation for Elden Ring. Several days have already passed since these events happened, but it seems that gaps have already been found in the Midlands.

The hacker considers his actions a ‘necessary evil’ to tip From SoftwareAs Eurogamer advances, the hacker Malcolm Reynolds has dedicated itself to demonstrating this through an unusual working method: invading players and causing soft bans. His line of action focuses on killing other users using extremely advanced powers (something lawful in the game) which in turn are hacked with an item which is automatically given to the defeated player.


Elden Ring

This object is called ‘pavel’ and, although it is in the game code, not part of the official experience in the Middle Lands. Therefore, From Software recognizes it as a cheat and bans the user without serious consequences, although Reynolds assures that he is doing all this to show that From Software has not fixed the Elden Ring problem.

“How you get around Easy Anti-Cheat is something else,” the hacker explains to Kotaku. “Basically, there a mask on top of the anti-cheat. When this mask is activated, the game [solo] cares about ‘who is’ and ‘what is a player doing’, but when you remove that mask, the game doesn’t care anymore“. Following this, Reynolds considers his actions to be a “Necessary evil” to alert From Software of the danger that this entails.

Therefore, we must be careful as soon as they invade us from another device, and we are not just referring to being cautious enough to win the contest. In any case, players are already finding ways to enjoy Elden Ring. without the need to be connected onlineas we have seen with some impressive speedruns or the first run no-hit.


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