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Elemental is a success on Disney+ and continues to break records

elemental is a success on disney+ and continues to break

The Pixar film arrives on Disney+ sweeping everything. It is already the company’s best premiere.

Elemental is a success on Disney+ and continues to break records
The protagonists of Elemental belong to completely opposite worlds.

Pixar’s new animated film has managed to captivate millions of viewers. Although it didn’t have a very good start in theaters, little by little he managed to take flight again, breaking records and his journey on the big screen concluded with a collection of almost 500 million dollars globally. Something that shows that a bad start does not always have to mean bad numbers.


Last Wednesday, September 13, we had its premiere on the Disney+ platform and yes, it has also been a success. Not only has it surpassed the Little Mermaid movie in views, which was also very well received by people, but Elemental becomes the best Disney+ premiere so far in 2023. A more than deserved record for a film that will hook both children and adults.

Elemental achieves incredible numbers with its premiere on Disney+

The Little Mermaid achieved a total of 16 million views in its first days, however, as reported by Variety, Elemental has broken that figure and now has a total of 26.4 million. Yes, ten million more than what Ariel and company’s movie got. And not only that, but as we had told you, Elemental has also become the best Disney+ premiere in 2023 and is also the best animation debut on the platform since ‘Red’.


For quite some time Pixar has had less prominence in the world’s cinemas, however it seems that Elemental could return it to its rightful place: next to the biggest films and companies. Nobody doubts the quality of the films they offer us, we have already seen it with films like ‘Cars’, ‘Inside Out’, ‘The Incredibles’… And many other films that have managed to captivate both the little ones and the older people in the house.

Elemental was released this year and It has already become one of the essential films to seeAs we have told you, it did not have an idyllic beginning. However, people’s word of mouth and the great quality of the film made that change completely. In fact, some people are already thinking about a sequel that shows us a new story between Candela and Nilo, a couple of opposite elements who have found a future together.

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