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Elon Musk plans to sue Microsoft and Xbox for breaking agreement

elon musk plans to sue microsoft and xbox for breaking

It is no longer possible to share screenshots or videos directly from Xbox to Twitter after the two companies fell out over the underlying API that enables the feature.

This is something that Microsoft, Xbox and everyone else who uses it is expected to pay for according to the internal changes Twitter has made to its services and solutions. Unsurprisingly, many people are reluctant to shell out money for something that was previously free.


This has led Microsoft to slow down and stop using the Twitter API altogether, affecting more than just Xbox’s sharing feature, and on their site you can now read the following:

“Starting April 25, 2023, cross-platform Smart campaigns will no longer be supported on Twitter.

This upset Twitter boss Elon Musk as he claims Microsoft used Twitter data to train the AI ​​behind ChatGPT and is now threatening to sue the company if it doesn’t pay up.