Embracer Group also announces layoffs: almost a thousand people will lose their jobs

Mike Clark

embracer group also announces layoffs: almost a thousand people will

As much as 2023 is one of the best years of video games in terms of premieres is concerned, it is not for the workers. Many companies are laying off people this months. After Amazon has slimmed down its video game division and the company responsible for the Control sequel has also followed. Now it’s the turn of Embracer Groupwhich has confirmed that fire 5% of your staff.

Embracer Group lays off almost a thousand people

The company, parent company of the studies and companies at the head of sagas like Tomb Raider or Borderlandsas well as the team responsible for the troubled development of the Knights of the Old Republic remake, has confirmed the layoff figures announced in June as part of a “restructuring policy”.

“I want to start this conference by thanking the 900 [empleados] who left Embracer during the second quarter,” explained Lars Wingefors, CEO of the company, during the most recent earnings meeting. The layoffs They assume around 5% of the workforce of the company. “It hurts me that you have to leave the groupand we have been doing, and continue to do, everything we can to preserve jobs without changing what we need to achieve,” he continues.

“Our people are what make up the fabric of Embracer itself. For me, personally, it is crucial that what we have planned is carried out with compassion, respect and integrity,” he concludes.

We hope that Embracer Group will be the last company in the world of video games to announce layoffs in a 2023 that has seen how the majority of teams, large and small, have had to carry out layoffs while others seek to reduce costs or raise prices to increase revenue. profit margin from video game sales.

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