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Endgame Hogwarts Legacy: What else can you do at the end of the game?

Hogwarts Legacy is quite a big game but, like any adventure, it has its end and in this case, it has content end game and post game. It is not uncommon to come across games that have missable contentalthough if you’re following our story guide we’ll detail everything as available. What we want to explain here is what can you do at the end of the game:

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What can be done in the endgame of Hogwarts Legacy

For a start, no content is missable, beyond the exclusive mission of each house, such as the one that invites you to visit a certain magical prison. you can complete all secondaries and collectibles at the end of the game, regardless of the ending you have chosen. That is, you can wait until the end of the adventure to face the Collections, having access to all of them immediately.

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On the other hand, there some missions only available at the end of the game. Once the adventure is over, the quest Weasley’s Watchful Eye. If you manage to meet the requirements of it, start The House Cup, the last story mission of the game.

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And that’s all. In summary: you can do everything by finishing the gamewith the exception of the exclusive mission of each housewhich obviously requires starting the game over from scratch.