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[Entrevista] We spoke to the creators of OneShot: World Machine Edition about the game’s legacy

Beside our review of OneShot: World Machine Edition for Nintendo Switch, thanks to DangenEntertainment Today we also bring you a short interview in USAwith its creators: the team at Future Cat LLC. In it, they tell us about some of the influences behind the original game, why they decided to make this new version, and what are your plans for the futureamong other things.

What do you think makes Niko such an endearing character?

Nightmargin: I wanted her desEsports Extrasto be very cute because I like cute characters. They are based on some of my favorite fictional cats, like Espurr (Pokemon). Personality-wise, they’re based on The Little Prince, which is a character I loved growing up.

How did the idea of ​​creating OneShot originally come about back in 2014?

Nightmargin: Eliza had the idea to make an RPGmaker game with 4th wall breaks and I wanted to do art for an RPGmaker game. The ending of the game was decided early on, and we worked backwards to fill in the details of the story.

What inspired you to create OneShot and the character of Niko?

Nightmargin: I’ve already talked about Niko before. Then for the OneShot world itself, a lot of things… old indie games like Yume Nikki, OFF, and Cave Story are immediate influences. The Little Prince is also a great overall influence for the game.

Apart from Niko, what is your favorite character in the game?

Nightmargin: Lamplighter. It’s so much fun writing for him.

GIR: Silver is great. She would date a robot. George would be a candidate if it wasn’t hers because everything he has to do with her takes 6 times as long as other NPCs to do.

At what point did you decide it was time to bring the game to modern consoles with this new version?

Nightmargin: It’s something we’ve wanted since 2017, but we were unlucky with the potential publisher at the time. We got into some more work on it in early 2020, and have been working on it in our spare time before finally finding another publisher.

GIR: I think it was maybe a year after launch that we started to consider doing a console port more seriously, but it took us some time to find the right publisher for this project. We were also busy with the Solstice update and language support for a year after release.

How did you manage to adapt the gameplay with a fictional PC to modern consoles?

Nightmargin: GIR is better at answering this.

GIR: Given how integral the PC setting was to the game, the most direct solution is to simply bring PC to consoles, which is more or less what we did. It’s not a true PC OS, but it’s built with enough features to emulate the parts of the PC that OneShot exploits for its 4th wall mechanics.

How long has it taken you to develop this new version of the game?

Nightmargin: About two and a half years.

GIR: The first year or so was cloning the original game into the new engine that WME uses, and then the second year was spent building the computer interface around that game. And then he spent a lot of time getting everything working in over 6 different languages.

For you, what is the most important thing that a game like OneShot tries to say to its players?

Nightmargin: It’s kind of like the message from The Little Prince, isn’t it? About how the things you spend time with are precious to you. No two people experience a work of art or a story exactly the same, and you give things your own meaning by your own interaction with them… I think there’s a term for that, “emerging narrative”, maybe? I think ultimately we wanted to use our fourth wall breaking elements to acknowledge the role of the player in these stories.

GIR: The bottom line of OneShot is that if you believe something is real and important, then it’s real to you, regardless of whether it’s made up or contrived. And this applies both to what happens in the game’s story and to how the player himself sees the game. So I think this allows players to emotionally connect with OneShot in a way that they couldn’t with other games.

Finally, now that you have released the definitive edition of the game, what are your plans for the future?

Nightmargin: I’ve been working on a new game with a new team for a little over a year now. It’s based on an old story I wrote as a teenager that I’ve always wanted to see in game form. Parts of OneShot were inspired by the story, and an NPC from OneShot (the guy from the coffee shop) is actually the main character.

GIR: It’s time to make more games.

Thank you very much for your time!

And here’s the interview! To you, we only have to remind you that OneShot: World Machine Edition is already available for Nintendo Switch, so we strongly recommend you give it a tryYou will not regret it!


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