Epic bought them in 2021 and now fires a good part of the staff: The creators of Fall Guys have been ‘decimated’

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epic bought them in 2021 and now fires a good

The creators of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, Mediatonic, have been one of the main affected by the layoffs at Epic Games, both in the United Kingdom headquarters and in its USAsubsidiary. He future of the study is not in dangerassures the company Fortnite: Battle Royale and Unreal Engine, but as reported from Eurogamerformer employees of the firm indicate that it has been “decimated.”

Epic Games announced on Thursday the dismissal of 16% of its staff, almost 900 workersmainly from the areas that are not considered key, that is, everything that has nothing to do with Fortnite and with its graphics engine. The movement has mainly affected the companies that Tim Sweeney’s brand bought in recent years: Mediatonic (acquired in 2021), Psyonix (the creators of Rocket League were acquired in 2019) and SuperAwesome (marketing agency they acquired in 2020). Furthermore, they are going to sell bandcampan essential platform for up-and-coming musicians.

“Mediatonic’s work in Fall Guys remains a priority for the company,” an Epic Games representative told the British media. The layoffs at that studio have affected almost all areas: technical service, marketing, software development, artists, programmers gameplaylevel designers, producers and narrative designers.

Members of the study, according to Eurogamer, they claim that there is not a single writer left on the team. One of them, the person responsible for Murder by Numbers, has been one of those affected. In a post of X (formerly Twitter) shows that in the offices someone has rearranged the Mediatonic logo to read “Decimation” (translated as decimated or annihilated).

Layoffs affect Mediatonic Madrid

A quick search on Elon Musk’s social network shows messages from some of those affected by the layoffs at Mediatonic and Psyonix. The USADeVuego database confirm: “Unfortunately, the layoffs at Epic Games have affected its Mediatonic studio in Madrid”. Arturo González, senior client engineer in Fall Guys, public on Thursday: “In these difficult times, from the Mediatonic (Epic Games) works council, we want remind you of the importance of unionizing and create a representation of working people”.

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