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Epic Games and Sony collaborate to reduce latency on PS5 of fighting games

The relationship between Sony Interactive Entertainment and Epic Games is close. Not only for the investments of the first in the second to finance the construction of the metaverse, but also for actions such as showing the Unreal Engine 5 engine for the first time on PlayStation 5. Wccftech report another less important collaboration in terms of importance for the video game industry, but very important for those who play video games. wrestling titles competitively: reduced latency or input lag in games of the genre that use the graphics engine of Epic Games, such as Street Fighter V, Guilty Gear: Strike, The King of Fighters XV. Capcom has not confirmed which graphics engine the upcoming Street Fighter 6.

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ms input lag on PS5 and PS4 than on Xbox Series

The announcement that Epic Games and Sony are investigating this problem came as a result of a tweet from TS|Sabin, known in the gaming community. fighting games What nycfurby or Arthur. “Xbox has always had the lowest latency and this is before PC testing”he says when broadcasting another Twitter message showing that King of Fighter XV have a input lag from 53.30 milliseconds in Xbox Series X and 90.67 on PlayStation 5. The curious thing, in addition, is that on PS5 it is above PS4 and PS4 Pro, and that it is even more convenient (if what worries you most is the input lag) use the PS4 version on Sony’s latest generation console.

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Simone DiGravio of Epic GamesI detected the conversation around this topic that is happening in ResetEraand it has been in that forum where he has announced that his company is collaborating with Sony to address this problem: “It is great to see the passion of the fighting game community and the dedicated efforts to analyze the technical nuances of various titles. We are aware of this issue with latency and are currently working with Sony to help affected developers on our end.”

“Rest assured that we will do everything we can to help make your beloved games shine on all platformss”, concludes Di Gravio (specializing in offering support to developers who use Unreal Engine in games for consoles), clarifying that the agreement is not to give priority to Sony’s system in this dilemma, but rather all consoles behave correctly“.

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