Epic Games and Xbox raised $144 million for humanitarian aid in Ukraine thanks to Fortnite

Tom Henry

Epic Games and Xbox raised $144 million for humanitarian aid in Ukraine thanks to Fortnite

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The incredible amount that Epic Games and Xbox raised thanks to Fortnite for humanitarian aid organizations in Ukraine.

Epic Games and Xbox have done something really commendable: allocate all proceeds from Fortnite for two weeks to various humanitarian aid organizationsoperating in Ukraine, after a month and a half of war with Russia.

After two weeks, they have announced that they have gathered the incredible amount of $144 million. That money will go to Direct Relief, UNICEF, World Food Programme, UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) and World Central Kitchen.

Video game companies have reacted unanimously in their support for Ukraine and rejection of Russia, stopping their activities in Russia to mobilize public opinion against the invasion and donating money to humanitarian organizations that help the victims of the conflict.

Epic Games has been the one that has collaborated the most. For two weeks, all revenue from the game went to these organizations, between March 20 and April 3. In the first 24 hours they raised 36 million dollars.

And it could have been any week, but they did the weeks of the launch of Season 2 of Fortnite Chapter 3the days when the largest number of people will buy the season passes (and which is also turning out to be one of the most popular seasons of Fortnite in a long time, thanks to Zero Construction mode).

All this money, moreover, has come from users, who by buying their skins, paVos and season passes have contributed to the victims of the war in Ukraine, which has been repelling the Russian invasion for about a month and a half.

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Other organizations, such as Humble Bundle, also raised large sums of money through user donations.

Today we know that wargaminga Belarusian company responsible for the popular MMO World of Tanks, has ceased activities in its country and Russia and moved its studios, without affecting its game servers.

We also recently learned that a retrocomputing museum in Mariupol was destroyed in the bombing. Fortunately, its owner is safe, and keeps his entire collection in a beautiful catalog on the Internet.

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