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Epic Games Announces State of Unreal Event for GDC 2023

Save the date for next March.

Epic Games Announces State of Unreal Event for GDC 2023
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It seems that little by little the video game events in which new announcements are made they are coming back after the Christmas break, thereby giving rise to Xbox and Nintendo having already moved chips with their January Developer Direct and February Nintendo Direct respectively, with several rumors even indicating that a PlayStation State of Play would be imminent.

In any case, until this is confirmed, it must be said that we already have a new confirmed eventbeing in this case Epic Games the one that has been in charge of confirming that it will carry out a live performance during the next Game Developer’s Conference 2023, which could imply that they would be shown their graphics engines, as well as various titles that are being developed with these. And all this under the name of State of Unreal.

Save the March 22 date for Epic Games’ State of Unreal

Under this same premise, it must be said that Epic Games has announced that the event will be held on March 22which could give rise to many projects being shown, since, to put it in context, last year we were able to see how Crystal Dynamics and CD Projekt RED announced that they would use Unreal Engine 5 in their next projects, leaving behind their own graphics engines. This has led to the fact that, on the one hand the new Tomb Raider is being developed with this enginewhile the titles of The Witcher and Cyberpunk 2077 developed by the Polish studio are in the same condition.


Of course, we cannot forget that the presentation will take place at a developer event, so don’t expect ads designed for the consumer, since while it can be interesting, it can be full of all kinds of technical data that will sound like a foreEsports Extraslanguage. However, if you are interested in video game development, it can be a very enriching talk.

Therefore, remember that if you want to see this Epic Games presentation on March 22know that the company has broadcast the State of Unreal through their Youtube and Twitch channelsso it will be accessible to everyone.

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