Epic Games boss warns 9 times about “Fortnite token” – New cryptocurrency is “scam”

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Epic Games boss warns 9 times about “Fortnite token” – New cryptocurrency is “scam”

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The head of Epic Games, Tim Sweeney, calls a newly announced cryptocurrency “Fortnite Token” a scam and warned about the coin 9 times on Twitter. He announces that his company will take legal action to take the currency off the market. He sees a copyright infringement in the project. But the cryptocurrency’s developers say it’s a “fan project.”

What currency is this?

  • The Fortnite token appeared at the end of 2021 and clearly tried to attach itself to the popularity of the online shooter Fortnite.
  • So you advertised with the big “F”, which stands for Fortnite.
  • Despite trying to tie themselves to such a big brand, “Fortnite Token” has received little attention – so far.
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Sweeney: There is no cryptocurrency related to Fortnite – all scams

This is how Epic Games reacted: The head of Epic Games wrote several Fortnite Token posts on Monday evening on Twitter: “That’s a scam”. The people behind the project are scammers – everyone involved in the project should know that they are being scammed.

Sweeney quickly posted his warning among various posts on the “Fortnite Token” Twitter account. He warned of “fraud” a total of 9 times.

sweeney scam
Sweeney warned about the token 9 times.

Sweeney says (via twitter):

There is no Fortnite cryptocurrency. Any Twitter account that advertises this is fraudulent. Epic’s lawyers are already on it. It’s also a shame for crypto exchanges to even allow such a thing.

Tim Sweeney

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Epic boss says: The lawyers are already on it, suspected copyright infringement

That’s what the operators of the toke say: They say: This is not a scam, this is a “fair launch”, a community-driven project.

The currency was created by Fortnite fans, there were no specific owners and there were no bosses behind the currency.

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Sweeney makes it clear: You can’t just use our name like that.

This is how Sweeney sees it: He says matter-of-factly: “Copyright doesn’t work that way”.

Sweeney is considered a tech visionary and likes to attack monopolies, so he is embroiled in a war with Steam, Apple and Google.

Sweeney isn’t completely opposed to such tokens, just that someone with his “Fortnite brand” does something like that seems to go against the grain:

When new technologies emerge, some use them for good purposes and others use them for bad purposes. However, it would be terribly short-sighted to ban an entire field of technology just for this reason.

Tim Sweeney

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