Epic Games Store: a new free game available, it is highly appreciated

epic games store: a new free game available, it is

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Epic Games Store: a new free game available, it is highly appreciated

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New week, new Epic Games Store free game. No big surprise, his name had leaked yesterday but it will be a very popular title. He will then be replaced by a duo.

Soon the end of the Mega Sales. Until June 15, 2023, the Epic Games Store is offering some pretty deep discounts on its store. The opportunity to pick up some productions at a reasonable price, even broken. For a few years now, the publisher has made a habit of offering a bigger free game each week than usual during the period. Where the weekly gift could have been a small independent production of ten euros, blockbusters or games of a larger caliber are offered. So what will be the last free Epic Games Store game before this operation ends? His identity had leaked a few hours earlier, it is now confirmed.

Payday 2 free on the Epic Games Store

Last straight line before the end of the Mega Sales. For the occasion, the Epic Games Store free games are more interesting than usual. Death Stranding had opened the ball, followed by Fallout New Vegas and all of its DLC. Last week’s game had some disappointments, with the original promise being blockbusters. Despite everything, the shop wanted to put forward more modest but no less ambitious and appreciated productions. So who will succeed Midnight Ghost Hunt? FeEsports Extrassurprise, this is Payday 2. The multiplayer heist game is available for free from from June 8 to 15, 2023, always at 5 p.m. sharp.

For the record, this FPS brings together up to four players who will put themselves in the shoes of outlaws. The goal is then to carry out a whole bunch of crimes, ranging from simple thefts in jewelry stores, kidnappings to much more complex and difficult robberies that require a minimum of preparation. This free Epic Games Store game certainly shows the weight of age, it dates from 2013 after all, but it continues to have its small effect with neophytes and veterans of the license. There are some 400,000 very positive reviews on Steam. Where there may be disappointment is that it is not the Legacy Collection, containing all the extensions that is offered, but the basic version.

The next two free games have leaked

Speaking of the license precisely, it could pass a head during the Summer Game Fest tonight. A release date of Payday 3 was indeed revealed in advance. Note that, like every week during the Mega Sale, Payday 2 comes with a new gift, which is none other than the Titanium White Battle Bus to be used in Rocket League. And then ? Who will replace this new title offered after four more generous weeks than usual? We should have waited, but Billbil-kun revealed the information a little early. These will be two free Epic Games Store games that will be available from June 15 to 22, 2023 : Guacamelee Super Turbo Championship Edition and Guacamelee 2.

Two action-platform titles in the tradition of Metroidvania, highly appreciated for their colorful universe inspired by Mexican folklore and their well-honed gameplay. The icing on the cake: a local two-player co-op mode. In these future free Epic Games Store games, you play as Juan Agacate, a downright ordinary man until he stumbles upon a magical luchador mask that will change his life. From agave farmer, he will become the hero he has always dreamed of being. His mission, save the daughter of El Presidente kidnapped by the infamous Carlos Calaca who wishes to sacrifice her to unite the world of the dead with that of the living. On the program, flamboyant costumes, bosses, enemies to be beaten at all costs and a variety of environments.

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