Epic Games Store: two new free games available, including a beautiful nugget

epic games store: two new free games available, including a

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Epic Games Store: two new free games available, including a beautiful nugget

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Two new Epic Games Store games are now available. On this week’s program, an excellent indie game and a tribute to old school games.

New week, new free Epic Games Store games. We know the song by heart now, every Thursday afternoon is synonymous with new productions to pick up without taking out the wallet. A hard-rooted routine among PC gamers who have been able to retrieve nearly 500 games for free since the store was created five years ago. And Fortnite dads don’t intend to stop there. The distribution of weekly gifts is on track to continue. These are two new titles that will be available within a few hours. So this is your last chance to get those from last Thursday.

Two new free Epic Games Store games

The weekend promises to be quieter for PC gamers. Last week they were able to count new gifts from Amazon Prime Gaming and over a test period of several Assassin’s Creed, in addition to free Steam weekends. None of that on the horizon, but they can always count on the Epic Games Store and its free Thursday afternoon games. So you have until today, August 17, 2023 at 4:59 p.m. to get your hands on the titles offered last week: the excellent Europa Universalis IV and the intriguing Orwell Keeping an Eye on You. From 5 p.m. and until August 24 at the same time, they will be replaced by two new free Epic Games Store games. The program for the next few days will be placed under the sEsports Extrasof independent games. These are indeed the very good Black Book and Dodo Peak which will be available this afternoon.

Black Book

We start with the most interesting of this selection: Black Book. A small Russian independent production which had its small effect within the independent scene. Proof of this is that the game has more than 94% very positive ratings on the competing platform. In this fusion of card RPG and adventure, you follow the story of Vasilisa, a young witch in the making who decides to give up her destiny to marry her beloved.

A dream that will end the day his fiancée dies in mysterious circumstances. She then goes in search of the famous Black Book, a demonic artifact that would be powerful enough to grant anyone who discovers the 7 seals any wish. A quest that will lead her to the heart of a struggle against good and evil through the Russian countryside. In short, a very good free Epic Games Store game, which therefore gives pride of place to the mythology of northern Russia.

Dodo Peak

Changing your total tone with Dodo Peak. This second free Epic Games Store game is presented as a tribute to classic arcade platform games. The goal of the game is simple, you must save your lost little offspring in about sixty levels created by hand. Platformer requires, the task will not be easy. Between obstacles, traps, malevolent monkeys and other hostile snakes, accumulating dodos will be synonymous with increased difficulty.

What are the next Epic Games Store free games?

A selection which is therefore not to the taste of all players, who, in order not to change, would have preferred more striking games. However, we cannot strongly advise you to try Black Book. And for next week? What will be the next Epic Games Store free games? For the moment, alone Homeworld Deserts of Kharak has been confirmed.

In this prequel to the original games, you must assemble your fleet and lead it to victory over the shifting sands of Kharak where danger lurks on the horizon and behind every dune lurks a new threat. Land and airborne vehicles designed to brave these trials will be available to players to brave the dangers of oversized maps where anything can happen. A small flagship of strategy games, which still has its effect today.

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