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Epic Games Store: two new free games, they are excellent!

epic games store: two new free games, they are excellent!

The Epic Games Store is giving us a new batch of free games. This time, there are actually two, and two very good ones at that! A bit of colorful RPG and a great survival game not to be missed.


It’s Thursday, the weekend is fast approaching and it’s time to talk about free games. Like every week, Epic Games Store, Steam and a whole bunch of other platforms offer access to several titles for free. As usual, it is the EGS which launches hostilities. And this time, there are not one, but two games to add to your library forever.

Two free Epic Games Store games, two excellent!

On this particularly rainy Thursday, November 16, 2023, two games are being offered by the Epic Games Store. The first is an RPG, a beautiful colorful adventure which will take us to the confines of a fantastic world, Umbra, which we will of course have to save thanks to a fine team of heroes. Earthlock is an old school game that tries to play the nostalgia card by drawing inspiration from RPGs from the 90s. Turn-based combat, careful narration… We should get our money’s worth, well, you understand me . The game being free… In short, it is in any case very popular and the feedback is quite good. Why not try the adventure?


The second free Epic Games Store game this week is a little less joyful and this time talks about survival, the end of the world and radioactivity. No, it’s not Fallout, but Surviving the Aftermatch. It’s a strategy and management game in which we will have to build one of the last bastions of humanity and ensure the survival of an entire colony. Like hardcore titles like Frostpunk, Surviving the Aftermatch is a game that constantly requires you to make often difficult choices and you will have to be able to juggle morality, reflection and common sense to survive and ensure a future for yourself. our comrades. A gripping and rather well-crafted game which will also be available this Thursday, November 16 at 5 p.m.

What will be the next free EGS game?

And now the question on everyone’s lips, what will be the next free Epic Games Store games? Only one of them has been announced for the moment and not the least since it is a recent title published in February 2023. It is in fact Deliver Us Mars, an atmospheric science fiction adventure particular. The game takes you on a crucial mission to recover a colony’s ships, stolen by the enigmatic Outward organization. This next free game will be available from November 23 to 30, still at 5 p.m.


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