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Episode 1926 for Nintendo Switch

Today is the analysis of the otome game Piofiore: Episode 1926which reaches the West at the hands of Aksys Games for nintendoswitch. This game is the direct sequel of Piofiore: Fated Memories, so we will accompany Liliana Adornato and the Burlone mafia in what happened in this coming year. Just when they thought the storm had passed, it turned out that there were still clouds left!

New year, new events


Piofiore: Episode 1926 is divided into three different stories. The first is Burlone episode, which picks up the story from where it left off in the previous installment. So, we will live a new adventure with each of the five main romantic interests, picking up where it left off in the good ending of the previous game. Each route has 6 chapters that follow the tone of the previous game quite well, although it improves aspects such as pacing and narration that were more lacking in its predecessor. In addition, these new events bring with them a number of new secondary characters, totally exclusive to this sequel. Give the game a try so you can meet them!

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The next section is the Alternative historythat picks up the story from the Finale Ending of the previous game. In this case, we are presented with a side story in which Liliana is not dating any of the romantic interests. However, everyone must collaborate to clarify some mysterious murders that are taking place in Burlone. As if that were not enough, with each corpse there is a vinyl addressed to them. Thus, a new adventure as a short story is presented to us in Piofiore: Episode 1926. There are, in turn, small stories with the characters, but not at the level of a route itself.


Last we have Henri episode, the route of the last romantic interest. It has, like the rest of the routes, a good ending, a tragic one and several bad ones, necessary to unlock the route 100%. We are not going to deceive you: it is one of the toughest routes in the game, both in terms of the topics covered and in the events, especially those with a tragic ending. Know that this game is quite dark and is not for all audiences.

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There is room to repeat, once again, that this game is a sequel. Therefore, if you have not played the previous installment yet, you are taking time!


There’s room for love in the Mafia

The game also has a tab for Status (where we can check the percentage of romance that we have achieved with the character in question) and a Dictionary, which will allow us to consult different terms relevant to the story. Additionally, Piofiore: Episode 1926 features a new mechanic: ARIAwhich will allow us to read relevant scenes from the previous game from the point of view of the romantic interest.

Art is once again in charge of RiRian illustrator who also worked on the prequel, Piofiore: Fated Memories and other company games, such as Yunohana Spring either Binary Star. In the direction it is put Takamura Asahiwho also led the prequel and Yunohana Spring.

To give voice to the characters, the game has well-known voice actors such as Kaito Ishiwara, Morikubo Shoutaro, Tachibanna Shinosuke or Kimura Ryouhei, among many other great voice actors and actresses. One more time, the localization has only reached us in English and the dubbing in Japanese.

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However, we must also comment on the negative aspects of the location. Aksys Games had been bringing games without too many problems, but this time, it has not been fulfilled. Although there is no bug that prevents us from playing, the errors of formatting (sentences going out of the dialogue box, too long sentences, half-sentences…) have been more common than we would like. Hopefully Aksys Games improves this aspect for its next title: Paradigm Paradox.

In general, Piofiore: Episode 1926 It’s a great sequel and a great ending to the story of Liliana and the Burlone Mafia. It improves aspects of the previous game, proposes a great story and recounts with beautiful art. Of course: it is a game that deals dark and violent themessomething that is not for everyone.


Piofiore: Episode 1926 is available in standard physical format by 54 euros and digital by €49.99. occupies 6678.00MB and brings with it Japanese voices and English text. If you liked the prequel, don’t hesitate to give this game a try. You sure love it!