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Episode 6 of The Last of Us could have included a cameo from Dina

Episode 6 of The Last of Us aired yesterday in USA, and already has fans online frantically discussing a possible fleeting cameo from a character likely to appear in season two.

After arriving in Jackson and meeting with Tommy, joel and Ellie they receive some food, at which point we see an unnamed character about Ellie’s age staring at her. Ellie tells the girl to go away, but that brief moment has many fans wondering who the character was.

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“Was that Dina?” was a trend on Twitter in the United States when episode 6 of The Last of Us aired, and Neil Druckman he even mentioned the discussion on his own Twitter page. However, we still have no official confirmation of who that character is.

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Dina doesn’t show up until the sequel, The Last of Us: Part II, but if Season 2 is going to focus on that story, it would make sense for the writers to start planting the seeds as soon as possible.

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Have you seen Dyne in The Last of Us?

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