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Escape from Tarkov: 5 of the best weapons to survive safely

In Escape from Tarkov, the choice of your weapons is an important criterion in order to survive longer and, above all, safely. That’s why we show you 5 of the best weapons in the extraction shooter and explain where you get them from.

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What are these weapons? To create our list of the 5 best weapons in Escape from Tarkov, we looked at many animal lists and videos, compared and collated these preferences.

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Note that this is a general list of compiled experiences. If you have other favorites that didn’t make our list, please feel free to tell us about your go-to guns.

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5 of the best weapons in Escape from Tarkov – How to get them

What is important in a good weapon? In Escape from Tarkov it is important to be deadly, especially in close and long-range combat. Your weapons must be precise and dominant at the same time. The more shots it takes to kill an opponent, the more likely it is that you will die instead of your opponent.


On top of that, a versatile usability of the ranges is important. A good rifle should ideally be able to cover any distance and bring opponents to their knees with just a few shots. So let’s get down to arms.

Colt M4A1

Where can I get them? You can buy the Colt M4A1 from the Peacemarker or find it in your travels.

What can the gun do? The M4A1 is an all-rounder at what it does. It can be used almost perfectly at all ranges with the right mods. On top of that, the ammo is cheap and the recoil is very predictable and tolerable. A good rifle that is also very dominant at the beginning of a wipe.


HK 416A5

Where can I get them? This weapon can be obtained from the Peacemaker or Mechanic.

What can the gun do? This assault rifle is more aggressive compared to the M4A1 and therefore has a higher rate of fire than its neighbor. For this reason, the recoil is also harder and must therefore be taken into account when firing.

However, it is worth taking the rifle with you, especially at medium or close ranges, as the hail of bullets generated will destroy your opponents in a few moments.


ASh 12

Where can I get them? Can be purchased from Prapor by bartering.

What can the gun do? This rifle is a single-shot rifle with devastating man-stopping capabilities. It takes just a handful of bullets to kill enemies and recoil is almost non-existent. A good rifle for players who want to cover medium and long distances.

Kalashnikov AKM

Where can I get them? The weapon can be found on the map, obtained from Prapor, or built on your workbench.


What can the gun do? AKM is an easy-to-get weapon that is versatile and deadly. With the right attachments, an effective range of up to 400 meters can be achieved and the recoil is also easily tamed. This weapon is a loyal companion and if you lose it, you can simply build a new one.


Where can I get them? You can exchange the weapon at the Peacemaker or mechanic.

What can the gun do? Above all, the UMP-45 from the German manufacturer knows how to cut down its opponents at lightning speed at shorter distances.


If your opponents don’t die, they’re probably dying from the .45 bullets and crippling you inflicted on them. Again, this is a strong option that is especially worthwhile in the early stages of a wipe.

Those were all the weapons we could recommend to you. What do you think of our featured guns? Do you like them or do you have other favorites that you’d rather see on our list? Feel free to leave us a comment and explain why your recommendation is the better one.

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