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ESO and Throne and Liberty promise an exciting MMORPG year in 2023

This week, The Elder Scrolls Online unveiled its new expansion and announced a new test of Throne and Liberty. There were also discussions about the dismissal of a WoW employee, there are two new .s on Steam and a player has cheated a lot of money in RuneScape. We have summarized all the news of the week.

The highlights of the week:


The excitement of the week: Brian Birmingham, the World of Warcraft Classic tech lead, was fired because he didn’t want to bad rate his staff for a quota. He gets a lot of encouragement and Activision Blizzard again criticism.

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The discussion of the week: We asked the AI: What’s the best MMO you can play right now? The usual suspects came out. However, this post caused discussions around the term MMO and generally on the subject of AI.


The week in the podcast: In the podcast MMO News, Alexander Leitsch and Mark Sellner are again talking about the most important news about .s this week. Topics included the postponement of Blue Protocol, the discontinuation of WoW in China and the . roadmaps for 2023.

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You can listen to the episode on Spotify here:


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Cartels in WoW and two new .s on Steam

This is what happened in the big .s:

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The Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom – Cinematic

This is what happened with the small .s:

This is what happened with the .s in development:


This is the . news of the week at a glance. What was your personal highlight? Did you experience anything else interesting this week that you would like to share? Or have we perhaps forgotten something important? Write it to us in the comments here at MeinMMO.

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