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ESO: Everyone wants to own the best solo item in the new expansion – Farming looks so chaotic

With the new High Isle Chapter came a new solo item in The Elder Scrolls Online. Many players really want it and have been farming in the same place since the update. A video on reddit shows how messy this looks.

The user Th3D3m0n shows in the ESO subreddit how a large number of players beat the boss Titanschere, in English Titanclaw. It is located in the Stormhaven area.

Here you see the video:

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The boss can only be recognized by its name above it, the rest is obscured by players and their companions. The exact number of players cannot be seen either, as too many are standing in and on top of each other. Incidentally, the lags do not come from the video or your PC, but from the game itself.

A useful accessory attracts players

What do players want? It’s about the so-called “oak soul ring”, which was introduced with the High Isle chapter in Elder Scrolls Online. The ring is a mythic item that requires you to farm 5 traces first.

The first lead is Larimar Gems, which drop from World Boss Titan’s Claw at Mudcrab Beach. The players in the video also try to defeat him. Fortunately, the chance of a successful drop is relatively high.

If you have collected all traces, the oak soul ring is automatically constructed in your inventory.

Why is the item so popular? The ring is particularly useful for solo players as it replaces important buffs that you would otherwise only get from support.

These are the effects of the Oak Soul Ring:

  • Major Frenzy – Increases damage dealt by 10%
  • greater courage – increases weapon and magic damage by 430
  • Major Brutality / Sorcery – Increases Weapon and Magic Power by 20%
  • Greater Ferocity – increases critical weapon hit
  • Major Power – increases critical damage by 20%
  • major protection – reduces damage taken by 10%
  • Greater Resolve – Increases Physical Resistance and Magic Resistance by 5948
  • Major Heroism – grants 3 Ultimate every 1.5 seconds
  • Minor Prowess – increases life regeneration by 15%
  • smaller intellect – increases magicka regeneration by 15%
  • Minor Endurance – increases stamina regeneration by 15%

However, you cannot combine the ring. Your character can only have one mythical item equipped at a time.

What do you think of the oak soul ring? Do you want him to be better positioned as a solo player? Have you farmed him already, or are you still in the process? Write it to us in the comments here on MeinMMO!

If you want to know what the band Saltatio Mortis has to say about ESO, take a look here.


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