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ESO: Find All 18 High Isle Skyshards guide

The . The Elder Scrolls Online will receive the new chapter High Isle on June 6th, 2022. In the new area, the high island, there are again some sky shards and skill points to collect. MeinMMO author MiezeMelli tells you where to find them.


What are skyshards? Skyshards are glaring crystals found throughout Tamriel’s map. You can see them from a great distance because a blue-white glowing ray rises up from them.

Skyshards can be collected by players. Every 3 Skyshards collected give the player 1 skill point. In any case, it is worth looking for the glowing crystals. Skyshards can be found in vaults as well as outdoors.

How To Get All High Isle Skyshards

As in the already known areas of Tamriel, there are also some skyshards to discover in this chapter. There are again 18 Skyshards in total, 10 outdoors and 8 in vaults. That corresponds to a total of 6 skill points.


Here you can see the map with the markers for the skyshards on the high island and Amenos.

ESO - High Isle Skyshards Map

If you still need to find Skyshards in other areas, check out our guides below:

Outdoor High Isle Skyshards:

Let’s start with the sky shards, which you can find relatively relaxed in the open world.

Skyshard 1 – High above the river through the Fire Pot

You start north of the Coral Road wayshrine. There you will find the first skyshard.

ESO - High Isle Skyshard 1
From here you have a beautiful view.

Skyshard 2 – On a beach near a bridge on the south coast

This skyshard goes the other way. It is located south-west of the Coral Road Wayshrine on the coast of High Island.

ESO - High Isle Skyshard 2
This skyshard even attracts a crow.

Skyshard 3 – Under the middle bridge of Loch Abhain

Right between the wayshrines of Tor Draioch and the western bay lies another skyshard. Look below the bridge that lies over the body of water.

ESO - High Isle Skyshard
Near the body of water you will find the Skyshard.

Skyshard 4 – Above a volcanic vent north of Tor Draioch.

Above Tor Draioch lies one of High Isle’s volcanic vents. There you will also find a Skyshard. If you travel there by wayshrine, you can use either the Tor Draioch wayshrine or the Dufort Shipyards wayshrine.

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For the first choice you have to go to the north-west, for the second choice you have to go to the south-west.

ESO - High Isle Skyshard 4
When collecting, just be careful not to go a step too far. This skyshard could get tricky.

Skyshard 5 – Just west of a sharp rock on the northernmost beach

The Skyshard is located at the northernmost tip of the High Island. From the volcanic vent near the Garicksrest wayshrine, a path leads you north directly to the Skyshard.

ESO - High Isle Skyshard 5
A skyshard surrounded by coral.

Skyshard 6 – Hidden in the rocks above Jheury’s Bay

This skyshard appears to be in a vault. But appearance is deceptive. You must look for her outside of Jheury’s Vault. The wayshrines are all quite a distance from this location, but the Garicksrest wayshrine is the closest place to port to. From there, follow the path that leads south.

Skyshard 7 – In the shadow of the north wall of Castle of All Flags

The last skyshard you can collect outdoors is in the middle of the tiny island. You can reach this either via the wayshrine of all flags or by going to the part of the high island south of the mini-island and then swimming through the sea there.

On the island itself you have to walk in an arc to the right to the top.

ESO - High Isle Skyshard 7
A skyshard is hiding under a bridge here.

Skyshards in High Isle Vaults:

For some sky shards, however, you have to go into vaults or open dungeons. The directions are always a little more complicated.

Skyshard 8 – In the “Fire Pot” vault

The Firepot Vault is located just a few steps away from the first skyshard in the north of the Coral Road Wayshrine.

Skyshard 9 – In the Breakwater Cave

This skyshard is located in the Breakwater Cave. This vault can be found in the middle of the following three wayshrines:

  • Coral Road Wayshrine
  • Wayshrine of All Flags
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Arriving at the vault, you can always keep right after entering to get to the skyshard at the top.

Skyshard 10 – Tower of Crimson Coin Public Dungeon

You can find the open dungeon in the south-east of the high island. Near the wayshrine of Tor Draioch is the entrance to the open dungeon. You have to move all the way east inside the dungeon. A labyrinth awaits you there, in which the skyshard lies. But don’t worry, it’s not too complicated.

Just keep to the right. You will find out relatively quickly whether you have found your way around incorrectly, because the dead ends are very short. At some point you will come to a clearing where a boss, the “Crimson Apprentice”, is located.


In order to defeat him, you must occasionally interrupt him after he jumps to a different position.

After that, take the 2nd passage from the right side (seen from the boss). At the end you will find the Skyshard.

Skyshard 11 – In the Shipwreck Shallows

The Shipwreck Shoals are located in the north-east of the High Island.


Skyshard 12 – In Death Wish Keep

This vault is west of the Garicksrest Wayshrine. You can reach them relatively easily inside the vault by keeping to the right.

How to get all Skyshards from Amenos (High Isle)

Outdoor Skyshards of Amenos (High Isle):

On Amenos you can find 3 skyshards outdoors and another 3 skyshards in vaults.

Skyshard 13 – In the heart of the riverbed east of Amenos Post

In the south of Amenos, east of the Amenos Post wayshrine, you will find the first Skyshard. If you don’t already know the said wayshrine, then you have to travel from the Dufort shipyards to Amenos.

ESO - High Isle Skyshard 13
In the jungle of Amenos you will find three skyshards.

Skyshard 14 – On the shore of the flooded shore under the gaze of the Serpent’s Eye

The Skyshard is located near the wayshrine of the same name in north-eastern Amenos.

ESO - High Isle Skyshard 14
Between a cliff and the beach there is another skyshard.

Skyshard 15 – In a cove full of wrecks along the Skullfang Coast

This is the northernmost skyshard of Amenos, above the Skullfang Coast.

ESO - High Isle Skyshard 15
This skyshard is also close to a group of rocks.

Skyshards in Vaults of Amenos (High Isle):

Skyshard 16 – The Ghost Haven Bay Public Dungeon

For this skyshard you have to go to one of the 2 open dungeons. The Ghost Haven Cove dungeon is south of the Crackrock Wayshrine. In the open dungeon, stay to the right. If you look at the map, you will see a body of water at the bottom. Then move to the bottom right of the map.

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At the water “tip” appears a passage to the Cavern of Ghost Harbor Cove. Stay to the right again. To get the Skyshard, you have to get past one of the Captain Tuvacca dungeon bosses. From there, go into the passage that takes you south of the boss.


At the end of the hallway is the Skyshard.

Skyshard 17 – In the Coral Cliffs vault

The Coral Cliffs are north of the Flooded Coast wayshrine.

Skyshard 18 – In the Whalefall vault

The Whalefall vault is west of the hidden foundry. You can find it, also to the west of the Serpent’s Hollow Wayshrine.


In the open dungeons you will not only find a heavenly shard, but also always get a whole skill point for the so-called group venture. This is one of the bosses found in each dungeon. But get ready, it won’t be a cakewalk.

With the new High Isle chapter, a card game is coming to Tamriel for the first time, a game within a game. Here you can find out what MeinMMO author MiezeMelli thinks about the new card game in ESO. What about you? Do you like it or rather not?