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ESO Guides: All the tips, tricks, and builds in 2023

ESO Guide Guide

The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) is one of the most popular .s out there. In this overview we collect all the guides that we have created from MeinMMO to ESO.


In this article you will find general guides and tips for newcomers, overviews of the classes, the different playstyles and general tips for PvE and PvP. They should give you a good overview and a good introduction to the game.

We will constantly update this article with new guides. The last update took place on January 25, 2023.


Beginner Guides

  • The 5 features that make ESO 2023 one of the best .s
  • ESO: 13 tips for beginners to help you get started
  • ESO: Best Race for Tank, DD, and Healer – Which You Should Choose
  • ESO: Where to start as a newcomer or returnee?
  • What is the max level in ESO and what is the quickest way to reach it?
  • ESO: What to do after level 50? 7 endgame activities
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General PvE guides

  • Farming ESO Gold – 7 tips to effectively earn gold in .
  • ESO – High Isle: This is how you can unlock the new companions
  • ESO: What do companions Isobel and Funke like?
  • ESO: How to unlock the new companions from Blackwood
  • ESO: What do the companions Mirri and Bastian like?
  • ESO: New item makes you really strong solo – How to get the “Oak Soul Ring”
  • ESO is getting a new card game, Tales of Fame, with High Isle – Here’s how it works
  • How to play ESO “correctly” – The optimal order for all 17 DLCs and chapters

General PvP Guides

  • ESO PvP Guide: How to Master Cyrodiil, Imperial City & Battlegrounds

Class and build guides

  • All 6 classes of the . ESO ranked – from unpopular to popular
  • ESO: The Best Endurance DD Builds for Beginners
  • ESO: The Best Magicka DD Builds for Beginners
  • ESO: The best tank builds for each class
  • ESO: The best healer builds for beginners
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Guides to the Skyshards

  • ESO: Find All 18 High Isle Skyshards guide
  • ESO: Skyshards in the Deadlands Guide
  • ESO: Skyshards in Darkforest (Blackwood) Guide
  • ESO: How to find all Skyshards in Cyrodiil
  • Find All 18 Skyshards in ESO Elsweyr – Guide with Map
  • Skyshards of Galen (Firesong) Guide

Guides to the sets

  • ESO: All (non-DLC) dungeon item sets at a glance – with localities
  • ESO: All (DLC) dungeon item sets at a glance – with localities
  • ESO: All monster sets with localities at a glance
  • ESO: All item sets from arenas at a glance – with localities
  • ESO: All Mythical Item Sets at a Glance – With Localities
  • ESO: All raid sets at a glance – with localities

Guides to the dungeons

  • ESO: All about the Shipbuilder’s Dungeon Gram – bosses, achievements and loot
  • ESO: Everything about the dungeon Coral Eyrie – bosses, achievements and loot

General tips and tricks

  • 10 Best Addons for ESO in 2022
  • ESO: Transmutation Crystal Farming Guide
  • ESO: Transformation and Reconstruction Guide – How to get the equipment you want
  • ESO: How to get the Indrik mount you missed
  • ESO: This is how you complete your provisioning crafting quests super fast
  • ESO: How to reach the maximum level with the provisioner in 5 minutes
  • ESO: What are Mundus Stones and where to find them?
  • ESO: How to get to Coldharbour?
  • ESO: What are Status Effects?
  • ESO: What is Direct Damage?
  • ESO: What brings you a house in the .?
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Do you have any other wishes for guides? Where are you in the game right now? Tell us in the comments and we will try to help you with the problems. Do you have any other feedback on the guides? Feel free to write that under the respective post or directly here.

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