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Evercade promises “at least” 14 new game collections before March 2024

If you’re into retro gaming, chances are you’re familiar with the Evercade EXP (if not, check out our review). It is a portable unit that can also be connected to the TV to enjoy classic titles that were released during a time when loot boxes, microtransactions, live service, cosmetic skins and patches had not yet been invented. . Basically, finished games, with no appreciable bugs, designed to be enjoyed forever, all delivered in a cartridge along with a plastic box with a manual. Like it was before.

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Until now, Evercade has offered a partnership with major companies that support the system (such as Atari, Bandai Namco and Capcom) and it seems that they have no plans to slow down either. From now until February 2024, they promise “at least” 14 game collections, with The C64 Collection 2 and Toaplan Arcade 2 launching first in April. It is also promised that one of the upcoming collections will include Amiga games.

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You can watch the trailers for The C64 Collection 2 and Toaplan Arcade 2 below. Do you like retro games and have you tried Evercade?

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Evercade promises "at least" 14 new game collections before March 2024