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Eversoul has already reached 1 million pre-registrations – Esports Extras.

Kakao Games and Nine Ark Inc. today announced that Eversoul has reached one million pre-registrations, just one week after its global launch. To celebrate this huge milestone, players will receive a range of exclusive pre-registration rewards upon game launch. Items on sale include the Epic Soul Mica, two limited edition costumes for Seeha & Mica, 1,000 Everstones and much more.

Eversoul is the next long-awaited mobile RPG from Kakao Games and has attracted the attention of gamers worldwide after being featured at major offline events such as G-STAR 2022 and AGF 2022 in South Korea.
Global pre-registration kicked off on November 29th and as interest and expectations for the new mobile title continue to mount, final pre-launch checks remain the top priority. Eversoul pre-registration is still open to players in North America, Europe, South Korea, Taiwan and more regions. Players can pre-register on Google Play or pre-order the game on the App Store ahead of the official global launch.

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Eversoul is a mobile RPG set in a living fantasy world. The player takes on the role of a ‘savior’ called upon by beings known as souls to defeat the invaders and save their world. The game will also feature a unique ‘relationship system’ in which the player can strengthen their bond with the collected souls through communication and various interactions. Eversoul is slated for release in January 2023 in North America, Europe, South Korea, Taiwan and more regions. Check the official website for the latest news. You can also follow Eversoul on Discord, Twitter and YouTube.

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