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Everspace 2: Xbox Game Pass doesn’t hurt game sales, it helps them – Generacion Xbox

everspace 2: xbox game pass doesn't hurt game sales, it

Xbox Game Pass has long been the subject of debate as to its impact on video game sales. However, the developers of everspace 2 they are confident that the serve has had a positive impact on their game. It is not the first studio to position itself in favor of the subscription service, who see Xbox Game Pass as a great showcase for their developments.

During a talk at the Reboot Develop Blue event, Rockfish Games CEO, Michael Schadetalked about the financing of Everspace 2, its early access phase and the sales performance of the game, now that it is available in version 1.0, in addition to the benefits they have received from Game Pass on PC.


Xbox Game Pass doesn’t hurt game sales

Schade explained that remaining in Game Pass has not negatively affected Everspace 2 sales, in fact, it has contributed to increasing them thanks to the recommendations of users who have been able to try the game without additional subscription costs.

Some developers may fear that the service will reduce sales of their games, but this case shows that it can have a positive effect on sales and the game’s exposure to the general public. Subscription gives gamers the chance to try out games they might not otherwise have considered, which can lead to interesting title discoveries that translate into more sales for developers.


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