Everyone talks about The Flash, but we can only think of this GTA V mod that allows us to do everything with it | Top News

everyone talks about the flash, but we can only think

Tom Henry

Everyone talks about The Flash, but we can only think of this GTA V mod that allows us to do everything with it | Top News

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DC’s new movie, The Flash, is generating all sorts of comments. Although its premiere has been dated for June 16, the first reviews from users and leaks are leaving very different opinions about the film starring ezra miller. And that names as illustrious as Stephen King praised her with her first advances, but…

Be that as it may, although it is still early to speak, things may not go as we would have liked. Time will tell. Meanwhile, I wanted to recover one of the experiences related to Flash with which I had the most fun at the time. And no, it’s not a video game starring the legendary Barry Allen, but a GTA V mod.

This is Flash Power Script Mod, a unique unofficial modification of the game that will allow us to use the powers of Flash in the universe of Grand Theft Auto V up to 29 skins different. Among them, of course, we find several versions of Flash, but we can also use other great characters like Dark Arrow or Supergirl, for example.

Flash Power Script Mod immerses us in the violence of GTA, but with the powers of Flash

Although the mod is not perfect and you have to be careful with its installation process, the mode It met each and every one of my expectations. So, in addition to being able to run at a simply inhuman speed, the mod offers us sequences in which we see everyone moving very, very, very slowly to emphasize that feeling of speed.

In this way, we will be able to recreate very iconic (and ironic) some of the character’s best moments, albeit with the violence that only a game like GTA V could offer us. In fact, the mod itself accommodates the inherent conditions of Rockstar’s game by including several options that recreate in brutality.

See, for example, launch a series of punches so virulent and swift that will end the life of any passerby who crosses our path. It will not be the only option that it offers us, since we will have a selection wheel specially designed for the mod.

So, whether it’s slowing down time to make everything more epic, creating chaos or traversing vehicles, this singular mode of flash It will allow us to become a hero who could have lost his way because of the world around him.

Image | official patreon of mode

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