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Everything I liked, what I didn’t like, and what pissed me off about the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 beta

It had been a long time since a Call of Duty I was not awakened by the illusion that this Modern Warfare 2 has managed to rescue from a corner of my brain. It may be the nostalgia that the name arouses in me, perhaps having been more than satisfied with the previous edition of Infinity Ward, or maybe it comes down to something as simple as wanting to hit mochazos.

The fact is that last night was one of the classics of CoD. One in which, after starting lame and being more lost than Cloud on Valentine’s Day, I took the reins of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and I swelled to annihilate enemies, win games and finish, to my pleasant surprise, many of them positively.

It wasn’t a 100% perfect experience, though, so it seems only fair to take a few minutes to break down what it is. what I likedwhat is not, and what has ended up driving me crazy.

What I liked about Modern Warfare 2

New perk system in Modern Warfare 2

Maybe the biggest change you treasure Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is right here, in a new system of perks that sounded like a Martian during the first minutes but that has not taken long to click in my head. With four perks to choose from, the idea here is to start the game with the first two activated and unlock the other two as you go.

Get motivated to keep playing your best to gain skills.

The idea is that after those first two we have to wait four minutes for the next one and another four for the end. However, based on your performance of points earned with kills, assists and objectives, every 10 points will shorten that wait by 1 second. Come on, as if you turned the activation of the last two perks into those mythical killstreaks that did not reset on death.

Far from slowing down your play style, it motivates you to keep playing your best to shave off seconds, and as you gain new skill options, the game just gets sweeter and sweeter. Knowing that you now have something that you didn’t have before helps to dynamize the game to make it less repetitive for what is usually a short period of time, and the truth is that it feels great.Modern Warfare 2

non stop playing

Accustomed to betas -and final games- in which the connection is usually a considerable sindio, I have been amazed at how fluid it has been to jump from one game to another in this Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

Avoiding preparation times as much as possible, I often found myself finishing one game and starting the next without even having time to taste what I had unlocked and what I hadn’t.

And I find it a joy when you leave a game plugged in, really. If I want to tinker with classes, I’ll take care of stopping the search to spend time tweaking classes. I am much more interested in not wasting time waiting for everything to be ready.

The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II campaEsports Extraswill be played before launch. A shot to the foot or a master move?

Black Ops-style maps

It is difficult that it usually matches the maps of Infinity Ward because I’ve always been more drawn to the Treyarch ones, especially the Black Ops 2 ones with those classic three-lane MOBAs in the frantic clashes trying to reach the other side. That one, which still seems to me to be one of the best ideas that this franchise has had, returns here in a certain sense.

Although it is true that the possibility of sneaking both in the center and in the back of those “hallways“Designed to make firefights easy, and open enough to have intersecting lanes instead of sticking to three parallel paths, the spirit of that concept runs through the three maps included in the beta.

They still are labyrinthine mousetraps in which I have more than a few places to camp and those damn doors that do me more harm than good based on the way I play, but for the first time in a long time I leave a map of an Infinity Ward installment with very good feelings . Hopefully they stay in the rest of the scenarios.

What I did not like about the new Call of Duty

Lots of variety but little to choose from

Perhaps due to personal tastes or because I didn’t get fully involved in it, one of the things that bothers me the most is having found myself with a multitude of options that, I venture, I’m going to tiptoe through. The aids that are activated with L1 + R1 after a short period of time, without going any further, seem to me like a huge list of options that do not attract my attention at all.

There are adrenaline shots, ammunition boxes, machines capable of minimizing the noise of our steps and even an inflatable soldier that is activated remotely or when an enemy crosses his path.

At the level of effects in the form of explosions and particles, the game looks spectacular.

Little details that add up, in any case, but that in the long run seem useless enough for you to just go to focus on two or three of them. There is a certain feeling of lack of really key ideas to turn the game around or the way you play.

A Call of Duty without visual surprises

What I saw of the campaEsports Extrasinvited me to dream of a small but appreciable leap in graphic quality, but as usual in these cases, the multiplayer lags several steps behind what the main adventure promises. Due to lack of resources it won’t be, even less on the new consoles, but nevertheless here we are.

Yes, it is true that at the level of effects in the form of explosions and particles the game looks spectacular, but in addition to torpedoing on many occasions how well you can play. You save yourself the problem of recoil with hands that no longer look like butter (finally), but between flashes and smoke particles, visualizing the enemy is quite a challenge.

Let prejudices blow: Call of Duty Mobile is the funniest CoD I've played in a long time

There was a start of the game in which you fly over Amsterdam to get to the hotel where the game takes place, which, clearly, seemed to me like those moments when you make a small gif on a social network and it goes viral like the foam.

Very flat buildings in details and water from the canals that called more attention for what seedy Which turned out to be for turning that helicopter ride into an awesome experience. Well, I lie, impress impresses, but in the worst sense of the word.

The respawn is still a joke in bad taste

All of the above are topics that you can easily dodge or ignore, after all, the game goes on and at the gunplay level, scenarios and possibilities it works like a shot, but what I really got angry with is, once again, with the classic mistakes of respawn of Call of Duty.

That you come out of a comeback and have an enemy behind you that doesn’t even allow you to take two steps, in the middle of 2022 and after eight hundred deliveries suffering the same problem to a greater or lesser extent, seems to me to be a joke.

That in a duel for teams of small groups and considerably large maps you have to be tripping over respawn issues that they are first in online multiplayer is to raise their hands to their heads.

I know that we are in beta and that there is always room for improvement and testing with real users in order to tweak things here and there, but at this point in the film it is a problem that we should have completely overcome and that, however, continues to generate more headaches that we deserve as fans of this saga.


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