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Everything that is known about Harbor, Valorant’s new agent

This October 10 confirmed the arrival of the Agent 21 to the world of VALORANT, the new character that could arrive in the Episode 5: Act 3 of the shooter of riot. Despite the official confirmation, only the name and an interesting image were published that could give some clues to his abilities. Two days later, riot has already released the official trailer for a new character that leaves hints and details of their abilities. Everything points to Harbor will be a controller and will use water elements to defend against attacks rivals.

Varun Batra, better known as Harbor, is from India and stole a powerful artifact that gives him the abilities that we can see inside the server. In the first official image it was already possible to observe a giant water wall and a bubble, aquatic elements that would serve to defend against rival attacks. These abilities hint that Harbor will be the fifth controller of the game alongside Astra, Omen, Viper and Brimstone, a character who welcomes you to VALORANT. Both the wall and the bubble are shown in the official trailer confirming early speculation.


The official trailer for Harbor, Valorant’s new agent

The stolen bracelet allows Habor to dominate the oceans and create both bubbles and walls to protect himself and his teammates from rival bullets. The Indian also uses a motorcycle at the beginning of the presentation and uses something related to itbut information about the vehicle is still unknown and if it will be important within the shooter. We will have to wait more days to receive new information about Varun Batra’s abilities, but the initial clues promise an interesting character. If all goes well, Harbor would reach VALORANT alongside Episode 5: Act 3a date that could be October 18.

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