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Everything you need to know about Revelry, the new season 16 of Apex Legends | we are xbox

Electronic Arts has invited us to an event of presentation of the new season 16 of Apex Legends, also called Reverly. During the event, we were able to see various trailers regarding everything that is to come to the Respawn Entertainment game, in addition to that we got to try the new season a bit. Thanks to this, today we bring you a lot of details that you should know for the launch of Revelry.


Starting with the most interesting additions, this time we do not have a new legend, but many important changes will come to the already known ones. Since, 6 legends have been modified in regards to their abilities to improve the “meta” of the game. Within this group are Wraith, Lifeline and Seer. The development team has been taking feedback from the community to adjust the new character balances during the new Apex Legends Season 16.

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The new season 16 of Apex Legends will arrive on February 14

On the other hand, a new ranking system has been added for legends that greatly improves the existing one. Starting next season we will have the following 5 classes of legends:

  • Assault (Maggie, Vangalore)
  • Skirmisher (Pathfinder, Mirage)
  • Recon (Bloodhound, Crypto)
  • Check (Caustic)
  • Support (wolf, Lifeline)

As for the game modes, finally, the Apex Legends team adds the game mode so requested by the community, this being the famous «Team Death Macth», or better known as «Team duel». You will be able to select a pre-constructed loadout before the game, and it will be six-player vs. six-player matches.

In addition to this, it will have a map limited to a small area of ​​the Battle Royal maps. This mode will be available 24/7, while other party modes like Control and Gun Run will undergo a rotation starting three weeks after the start of the new Apex Legends Season 16. This way, players can relax a bit from BR mode, practice their skills and have fun in another way.

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The arsenal offered by Apex Legends also gains some changes in this new season, and the main feature is the addition of the new Nemesis weapon that will be presented in more detail soon. In this same section, the team has revealed that we will notice changes to the “shooting range” during this season.

This new season does not have a new map either, but, since Apex Legends is celebrating its 4th Anniversaryall the maps have been redecorated in celebration with some more colorful areas ready for a big party, big balloons of chibi versions of the game characters and more interesting things that players will find during the next season.

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apex legends season 16

A warm welcome for new players

For the first time in Apex Legends, new players will be welcomed as the new Apex Legends Season 16 will include an exclusive experience for new players to familiarize themselves with the game, mechanics and legends. The arrival of this training modality also includes bots in the games, but these will only be found within the first games that first-time players start.

More experienced players can join a new player’s squad, and as long as the new player is the party leader, there is also a chance of finding bots in the game. In addition to this, a new series of challenges exclusive to this experience for new players and a welcome video clip are incorporated.

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