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Evidence emerges that would implicate the development of a new Nintendo console

nintendo notifies valve that it must remove an emulator from

It is rumored that a new job position in a Japanese company would reveal that the new Nintendo console already exists or is in development.

Long ago, fans of Nintendo they come waiting for the system that Will it be the successor to the Nintendo Switch?. Previously, when it was expected that there would be some kind of model of Nintendo Switch Prowith renewed and more powerful hardware, the public was disappointed with the appearance of the OLED switchthat although many saw the value, it was definitely not what was expected of Nintendo.


Well, Nintendo fans are still hunting for any sEsports Extrasthat indicates the development of a new Nintendo consoleand while the company has no plans to show anything this month, it is rumored that for July there will be a direct from Nintendo.

This is where things get a little crazy… The fandom detectives have set off alarms when they see a posting for a job in Japanlooking for a senior engineer, to help “a famous video game company” in Kyoto draw one “next generation console”.

Now, as Gamerant reports, Nintendo is the only company that makes video game consoles in KyotoThere is no doubt that this is a position that Nintendo wants to cover.


The position talks a bit about the responsibilities the candidate will have for the job, including take charge of correcting imperfections post-launch and work on customer requirementsso you can think of the console output it’s not as far as you think.

Although there are still rumors that it may be seen a new model of the Nintendo Switch before the end of 2023, the job posting makes it abundantly clear, this project is about a new next gen consoleand if so, it would not be related to a Switch review in any way.

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