EVO 2023: official tournaments and when is the “world of fighting games”

Last weekend we witnessed the Capcom Cup IX Finalswhere Capcom announced that the next competitive circuit of Street Fighter it will be played with the sixth installment and will have a prize of up to 2 million dollars and one of those million will be the prize for the champion. This announcement from Capcom has undoubtedly set the bar high for any tournament organizer in the fighting game community. So the expectations to know the official tournaments, prizes and more information about EVO 2023 are high.

EVO 2023: official tournaments, prizes and when and where to see the event
EVO 2023 Official Tournaments Presentation is hosted by the EVO Champion of Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 (2007) IFC Yipes and two-time EVO champion for tekken 5 and Tag Tournament Ryan Hart.

Ryan Hart and IFC Yipes also announced that this year’s EVO 2023 tournament finals will start from the top 6. Additionally, if you’re wondering what are the tournament prizeswe tell you that all disciplines that will be played in EVO 2023 they will have a prize of $25,000 dollars (approximately $125 million Colombian pesos).

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What are the official games of the EVO 2023 tournaments?

You can relive the presentation of the official EVO 2023 tournaments in the archive.

Unlike last year, EVO 2023 will not have as many games debuting at the event. However, they have managed to surprise fighting game fans around the world. Since in addition to the official tournaments, in EVO 2023 the arcade area and the community museum become larger.

One of the news that most surprised the entire fighting game community is the return of Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 as the main game of EVO 2023. This is a game that means a lot to the American community, since throughout its history it has had great rivalries and champions and great players throughout the American territory, South, Central and North.

Reaction of Kane Blueriver, electronic athlete from Chile and EVO champion in 2015 for Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3.

It should be noted that the tournament tekken 7 at EVO 2023 it will be part of the Tekken World Tour (TWT) 2023, which will start with EVO Japan 2023. Additionally, the organization will help some community tournaments with consoles, monitors and even ‘streaming’ setups. It’s nice to see that the spirit of the event is still intact.

When is it and where can I watch EVO 2023?

EVO 2023: official tournaments, prizes and when and where to see the event
Image: EVO 2022.

EVO 2023 will take place from August 4 to 6 in Las Vegas. The first two days of the event will take place at the Mandalay Bay Hotel Convention Center. The finals of the EVO 2023 tournaments will take place in the arena of the Mandalay Bay hotel, on Sunday, August 6. Those wondering where they can watch the EVO 2023 tournament fights from home need not worry, as the Evolution Championship Series will be streamed on the official EVO Twitch channel as usual.

How can I register to participate in EVO 2023?

EVO 2023: official tournaments, prizes and when and where to see the event
Image: late Guilty Gear -STRIVE- EVO 2022

If you are curious about the atmosphere of the world’s largest fighting game tournament and are wondering where and from when you can register for the EVO 2023 tournaments, just enter the tournament space on Smash.gg at the following link.

Registration numbers for EVO 2022

EVO 2023: official tournaments, prizes and when and where to see the event
These were the official EVO 2022 tournaments.

The organization of EVO 2022 confirmed an attendance of more than 5,000 people. Additionally, EVO 2022 is remembered for being the event where five games debuted. So the number of registered for each of the EVO 2022 competitions.

  • Guilty Gear —STRIVE— (2,158 participants)
  • Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition (1,324 participants)
  • tekken 7 (1,218 participants)
  • The King of Fighters XV (1,009 participants)
  • Dragon Ball FighterZ (635 participants)
  • Granblue Fantasy: Versus (525 participants)
  • Mortal Kombat 11: Ultimate (625 participants)
  • Melty Blood: Type Lumina (411 participants)
  • Skullgirls: 2nd Encore (295 participants)

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