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Exclusive card reveal for the Pokemon trading card expansion Crimson & Crimson – We show you 5 of the cards with new designs

In the Pokemon trading card game you can soon look forward to new expansions that revolve around crimson and crimson. We at MeinMMO give you a first exclusive insight into the preview cards.

What cards are you talking about? One of the most popular Pokemon items through the generations is the trading cards. These not only serve to be collected, as their name suggests, but also offer a real gaming experience for fans of the little pocket monsters.

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Now you can look forward to new booster packs, i.e. extensions to the trading card game, based around the main games Pokemon Crimson and Crimson, which were released for the Nintendo Switch in November 2022. Pokemon announced in December that they would also like to make a few changes to the desEsports Extraswith the introduction of the new card set (via

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We give you a first exclusive insight into the new trading cards and the changed desEsports Extrasin the following video:

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Pokemon Trading Card Game Crimson and Crimson


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What cards will be in the Crimson & Crimson series?

The Crimson and Crimson Trading Cards revolve around a new generation of Pokemon found in the Paldea region. But well-known monsters will also be part of the packs again. This is how a first exclusive insight into the preview cards shows which Pokemon you can find in the booster packs in the future:


Trasla (base map)

  • 70 CP
  • Attack: Psychic Shot

Krilia (1st expansion)

  • 90 CP
  • Attacks: Magic Shot and Psychokinesis

Gardevoir (Expansion 2)

  • 310 CP
  • Attack: Miracle Power
  • Ability: Psychic Hug

Miraidon (Base Map)

  • 120 CP
  • Attacks: Sharp Fangs and Flash Lasers

Koraidon (base map)

  • 130 CP
  • Attacks: Claw Slash and Raging Fangs

It is not yet known what other cards will be in the expansion packs. According to the preview on the official Pokemon site, you can also look forward to cards from the Paldea region starter Pokemon, Felori, Krokel, and Kwaks, as well as new support and Energy cards, of course.

By the way: The trading card game also had a cooperation with Pokemon GO last year, in the desEsports Extrasof the mobile game.

When can you get the tickets? According to current information, the new crimson and crimson booster packs will be available from March 31, 2023.


Are there other changes? According to Pokemon, with the release of the Crimson and Crimson booster packs, there will be a new desEsports Extrasand other changes (via

  • the price increases from 4.99 euros to 5.49 euros per booster pack
  • 3 holographic cards per pack
  • all cards that are rare or higher are holographic from then on
  • additional content on certain products, such as the Trainer Box

How do you like the first glimpse of the new Crimson and Crimson Trading Card designs? Will you get the booster packs? Feel free to write it to us here on MeinMMO in the comments and exchange ideas with other Pokemon fans.

You wanted to bridge the time until the release of the new cards with other Pokemon games? Then try your hand at being a trainer in Pokemon GO. The big worldwide Hoenn tour takes place there on the last weekend of February.