Exclusive images from the first episode of Season 3

Tom Henry

exclusive images from the first episode of season 3

Tokyo Revengers is unleashing a real wave of fans who are looking forward to the premiere of the new season of the anime. An anime that we have been reporting on recently. Before getting into the matter, we invite you to take a look at the 20 animes that you have to see on Crunchyroll before the year ends.

Tokyo Revengers will feature in this new arc with 13 episodes in total. Tenjiku’s bow features a total of 64 chapters in the mangait is also very likely that this third season will end up being divided into two parts, just like what happened with Attack on Titan.

The news has been shared through the social network Twitter “X”. In the images we have seen so far, It seems that things are not looking very good for our protagonists.. The animation style has continued to be maintained, with a very neat and stylized line. The emotions of the characters can be felt in each scene. A promotional cover image for this new season has also been shared:

Tokyo Revengers: Exclusive images from the first episode of Season 3

Do you think this third season will be the best of the anime so far? Leave your opinion in the comments, and tell us what you expect most from the series.

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