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Exoprimal: guide to ‘tips’ and advice for beginners

exoprimal: guide to 'tips' and advice for beginners

Who would have thought that facing hordes of hundreds of dinosaurs wearing high-tech combat armor could be so much fun? If they already started playing exoprimal If you find yourself somewhat lost in this world of Exosuits, Jurassic tides and armor customization, the tips and advice for beginners that you will find in this guide can help you survive the hordes of prehistoric creatures.

We also want to take advantage and invite you to read our review of this game.


Choosing Exosuit

exoprimal It’s not one of those games where a decision you make at the start of the game will define the rest of the experience, so the first piece of advice in this guide is to don’t worry too much about the Exosuit you start playing with.

The tutorial lets you try out three of the classes—an assault, a tank, and a support—and gives you a pretty good idea of ​​how to play them. Still, the other classes have many control differences. It is advisable to go through the training arena with each of them to at least see what each button does. Remember that by pressing ‘down’ on the D-pad at any time in the game you can see a clear description of what each ability does.

We recommend playing the first few games with Deadeye (ranged assault), Zephyr (melee assault), Roadblock (tank) and Witchdoctor (support) before trying the others, which are slightly more complex.

Changing Exosuit

While having a class like ‘main’ can be tempting, you’re inevitably going to have to switch Exosuits at some point in a game. No matter how balanced a team is at the beginning, there are going to be times when we are going to need more tanks or healers.


It’s always best to swap Exoarmor between targets. Also they can take advantage of the brief moments between the announcement of the objectives and the appearance of the dinosaurs to switch to the appropriate class. If you need to make a change in the middle of the action, it’s a good idea to walk away first. Remember that when you switch you will be quite vulnerable for a couple of seconds.

But most important of all is that they coordinate those changes with the team. Nothing more awkward than discovering that suddenly everyone changes to the same class or that none of the ‘dps’ take the initiative to put on the Witchdoctor’s Exosuit when everyone needs healing. If you are playing with voice chat, please announce your change. If not, try to see the positioning and situation of all the team members to decide if you should change or not.

Dealing with Pteranodonts (Look at the targets!)

It doesn’t matter if they kill hundreds of velociraptors, the mission will not progress if the objective requires killing three pteranodonts as well and no one pays attention to them as they fly over the battlefield.


During our first few games we noted with frustration that this is more common than it should be. The team can become so focused on attacking what is in front of them that they don’t realize that the objective is asking them to kill another type of dinosaur in order to advance. The most important of the ‘tips’ or advice for beginners that we are going to give you in this guide to exoprimal is always be aware of what the objective of each mission is.

If you find that your team is ignoring the dinosaurs they need to kill to progress, a voice chat message should do the trick. If not, they will have to switch to the appropriate class and take matters into their own hands.


In the case of the constantly ignored pteranodonts, we recommend switching to a Deadeye or Krieger. If they’re the team’s healer and can’t get out of the role right now, Nimbus should suffice.

Thanks for everything Roadblock.

We’re not unaware of how great Krieger and Murasame can be, but Roadblock is our favorite tank for beginners in exoprimal. The range of his attacks may be very small, but his main ability – the shield – is incredibly useful in almost any occasion. We can use Roadblock to contain a horde of velociraptors and other small dinosaurs, stop the stampede of pachycephalosaurs and triceratops, and even keep a carnosaur and larger predators busy.

While a well-handled Roadblock will take minimal damage, it’s always a good idea to have another player around to heal it if necessary. In case no one is around, the player can equip the ‘Assist’ add-on to make sure he is not short on health.

Don’t forget to equip components and modules on ALL Exosuits

As we level up the player we will unlock universal accessories and modules that can be equipped on all Exosuits. Those modules give us improvements like faster reloading, more movement speed, better healing, etc.


Every time we unlock one it is worth evaluating the ‘build’ of accessories that we have for EACH ONE of the Exosuits. Yes, for all of them. It’s hard work, but it’s worth doing. We never know at what point in a game we have to switch to one of them and the advantage that the module gives us can be decisive for victory.

There are also exclusive modules for each Exosuit that enhance their specific abilities. These are obtained by leveling up each suit.

The best composition for all occasions

The community that is forming around exoprimal He’s still experimenting with the different team compositions and ‘builds’ —components + modules— for the Exosuits. No dominant meta has yet emerged that we can recommend in this guide to tips and advice for beginners. However, we can make some specific recommendations on the types of equipment that can be useful at each moment of the game.


We insist, this is only a guide with advice for beginners and tips, not “laws” that must be followed to the letter when playing exoprimal. If you find a strategy that works better, you are free to ignore everything we say below.

  • When starting a game there is nothing wrong with having a dps only team. As long as there is at least one with ranged attack ability like Deadeye, they can easily take out Velociraptors, Pteranodon, Pachycephalosaurus, Sniper Neosaurus, and other small to medium sized enemies.
  • When Carnosaurus, Triceratops or other large dinosaurs or ‘bosses’ appear it’s a good idea to add a tank or two to your team. It’s also good to have at least one attack-able healer like Nimbus in case things could go wrong.
  • The final missions are necessarily going to require multiple healers and sometimes multiple tanks. If it’s one that allows you to keep the team relatively close, like the ones to escort the data key, they can get by on just one Roadblock. Zone Protect missions benefit from Krieger’s force fields and at least one Witchdoctor who covers the entire area with his heal.
  • When nearing the end of a data key escort mission and you’re losing, it’s a good idea to send two Exo Assault Fighters to attack the enemy while two tanks or one tank and one assault take the key. A Nimbus or Skywave can sit halfway between the two teams providing support for both.
  • If you are playing an Assault or Tank class, we highly recommend equipping the ‘Support’ component. This will allow them to heal themselves if there is no healer available. If they’re controlling a healer, ‘Cannon’ can help them out by doing something extra, but we’d still highly recommend equipping ‘Shield’ once they unlock it.
In this guide for the Exoprimal dinosaur game we give advice to beginners and tips to use all your Exosuits.

‘Tips’ to defeat the first large dinosaurs of exoprimal

Many beginning players can be a little overwhelmed by the harshness of the first ‘bosses’ of exoprimal, so here are some ‘tips’ and advice to deal with them. These recommendations may not work as well against the ‘Neo’ builds you will encounter later.

  • triceratops: It is important that a tank is in charge of distracting him and containing his attacks while the players with Assault Exosuits attack him from the sides. Don’t try to shoot or hit its head, it won’t do much damage.
  • carnosaurus– Its weak point is its head, but it’s too dangerous to get close to hitting it with classes like Zephyr and Roadblock. What we recommend is to use stun attacks or a Valiant to shoot him from a distance and freeze him when possible so that others can get close to his head without fear. Meanwhile, attacking his body from a medium distance will deplete his health.
  • ankylosaurus: Our strategy is to keep a Roadblock close to him to withstand his whips and tail strikes while others attack his stomach and legs at medium range. When he stands on two legs it’s the perfect time to hit his weak point, but do it by shooting from a safe distance.

By the way, carnosaurs were not a species of dinosaurs, but a subdivision of them.

Those of you who have advanced further into the game know that we avoid mentioning many of the dinosaur species and quest types that appear in exoprimal, this is because this guide of ‘tips’ and advice is only intended to cover the first hours of the game so that beginners can easily get used to the experience. We hope you have found it useful.

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