Exoprimal Review

Tom Henry

exoprimal review

Capcom’s bid to make a shooting game is now available. Exoprimal is a team game in which we face one of the biggest enemies in history, the dinosaurs. Basically the game is PvPvE and its main objective is something unfinished as you spend more time playing.

The Exoprimal formula is quite well known and it comes as no surprise that it is inspired by Overwatch. This mix is ​​a bit confusing in a way, but basically the point of the game is to face hordes of different types of dinosaurs in different situations. The idea is that two teams (5 vs 5) face each other at some point in this game. The team that first overcomes the obstacles and clashes practically wins (depending on the clear game mode).

These matchups are a bit different as each of these teams can sabotage the other team in some way or another. It’s kind of like Destiny 2’s Gambit mode, where you have some things in co-op but at some point head-to-heads with the other team do happen.

The theme of Exoprimal is interesting. We have 3 different classes in which each one of them has those extra-suits that with unique abilities promise to give us the best experience. At the beginning we start with 7 different extra-suits but each class has one locked that will become available as we progress through the game. The Assault class has 4 extra-suits, the Tank class has 3 as well as the Support class.


These classes, as their themes indicate, are for attacking, defending, or recovering life/healing. While we are in the games you can (with your team) make the best possible combination to win the game, if the team really knows how to work together they can make quite lethal combinations but if the teams are like the ones I found, unfortunately you will end up being the kind that no one wants, simply to take stock.

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Capcom added the strangest situation to the game and that is that before all this we are facing a futuristic world in which Leviathan (our main enemy) forces us to enter these simulations in order to succeed. It’s like this Leviathan is an AI that took a lot of control, so that he can summon the dinosaurs and make us go through as much work as possible to eliminate them.


Unfortunately Exoprimal is not difficult, after a number of games I’ve played I haven’t encountered confrontations with dinosaurs that are difficult to handle. The game in a certain way is very easy and it is too simple when it comes to facing the other team. Unfortunately Exoprimal does not have voice chat or a way to communicate with your friends on other platforms. Having limited crossplay has really ruined the game experience as there is no way to tell your teammate to switch to a specific class to attack or defend.

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Predicting what your team will do is the most difficult thing in this game and I’m not going to lie to you that I’ve been frustrated since compared to Overwatch, although you can’t talk to the enemy directly if you can send them a message to make things even more challenging . Exoprimal is an experience for children since there is no complexity even to use the extra-suits.

Once you understand how each skill works, the learning curve is minimal. In other games of the same genre or the same formula we need time to learn how to use a character and perfect it. Unfortunately this is not the case since everything is easy, in such a way that the Support class is practically null, life is not lost so easily and that makes classes like these totally irrelevant in every sense.

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The game is quite repetitive in all senses since you practically use the same map a lot but with different routines. At the start of the game we must follow the point, start the ambush / horde and move to the next one. There is no such dynamism that makes each game a different experience. When completing these activities to face the final fight, if we have several options such as escorting a cube / payload, the first team to eliminate a T-Rex for example wins the game, among other dynamics that end a game and will say who is the winner .

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Apart from all that, Exoprimal does not have a story mode and sometimes we think that games like this do not need it, but what we do have are certain scenes in which we are made aware of situations such as the existence of a multiverse where we are the same with different appearances. Hence the theory that we face ourselves with the same exo-suits but on opposing teams. This for me is the only thing that has some logic but unfortunately it is not something that interests the player much.

Exoprimal has good graphics and its performance on PC is quite good. In the screenshots you can see how a good FPS rate can be achieved in as many graphics as possible in a 1440p resolution. The specifications of my PC are the following:

Knowing this, the game has a lot of activity on the screen and the FPS rate fluctuates a lot. In the most loaded moments that the game was, I did not feel any drop in performance and that leaves a lot to be said. Something good that the game has is its optimization, although I am really concerned about its performance on a lower-end PC compared to the one I use.

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As expected, the game has microtransactions to give our characters aesthetics. In this part it is always something that will be obvious and of course we have a Battle Pass that will bring us a number of things that to make everything clear, it will not alter the game experience so buying none of this will change.

What we do need is to advance in the game, to unlock the free game currency called “Bikcoin”, this currency will help us unlock improvements that can be put on the exo-suits. These upgrades are universal and can be applied to any class regardless of which class it was purchased on. This is pretty much the only reason we’ll need to level up, otherwise I don’t see any other advantage.

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The game you are ACE, a character created by yourself for a limited amount of options to choose from. We have several characters in the game that are part of our technical team and they obviously try to tell us the “story” that it has in the game itself.

Exoprimal is meant to have multiple seasons like any service game as well as a lot of skins tied to various crossovers the game will have. At the end of the day, our main objective is to find a way to beat the AI ​​Leviathan, the only thing is that it seems that this attempt will be infinite and in the same way always.

In conclusion

exoprimal It is a game loaded with game modes and gameplay inherited from other more successful games. The formula is known and it is not a surprise to anyone that this only lasted a few days, I would like to say to many that they give it a chance but this will be another game that will be forgotten faster than we think. Its performance on PC is very good, although I am concerned that on computers with less capacity the result will be the same. Above all, it’s an action-packed game with a lot of repetitiveness, unnecessary crossplay, and worst of all, when we need it the most, we can’t even communicate with our teammates.

The objective is very clear and unfortunately it does not motivate to play it more than 2 hours unless it is with friends to have a good time, to install it and forget about it for a while. For a PvPvE game it lacks a certain level of difficulty since the more you play it, the easier and more predictable it can become. The immersive experience offered by other games of the same type is not present and this is unfortunately worrying. This review was conducted on a Gaming PC with an RTX 4080 Founders Edition.

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