Exoprimal: These will be all the dinosaurs and their variants that we will have to face

Tom Henry

exoprimal: these will be all the dinosaurs and their variants

Exoprimal is just around the corner and at Vandal we have already talked about the impression it has left on us. from the next July 14 it will be possible to fully immerse yourself in this game in which several teams will compete for be the most dinosaurs eliminate. We now have several of the confirmed dinosaurs for the game, which include 13 creatures that existed in reality and others 9 mutations with special powers created for the game.

These are the beasts you will face during exoprimal:

Baryonyx (Baryonyx walkeri)

The baryonyx is a species of terrifying version of the velociraptor. Like them, they move in packs. Do you see that mouth so long and full of teeth? Well, you better not see them too close. to add insult to injury they hold fire wonderfully.

sucomimo (suchomimus tenerensis)

exoprimal: sucomino

the sucomino is quite similar to baryonyx. Regardless of color, it is easy to confuse them. They also move in herds and have a long snout with more teeth than a truckload of garlic. The two main differences are their color and that his elemental resistance is ice instead of fire.

Deinonychus (deinonychus antirrhopus)

exoprimal: deinonic

We are facing another dinosaur that moves in groups. The main difference with other of these bicharracos are the wings that allow you to glide to swoop down on targets. Try not to be caught by surprise so you don’t have to regret it later.


exoprimal: velociraptor

One of the most famous dinosaurs thanks to the movies, a pack predator and a danger as soon as you meet a group. Are very fast and agileso there will be few obstacles to really slow these creatures down.


exoprimal: pteranodon

Another easily recognizable dinosaur, the pteranodon flies in flocks or accompanies others enemies. It can swoop down to damage you, or just fly and swoop down to tear you apart with… well, its claws.

Ankylosaurus (Ankylosaurus magniventris)

exoprimal: ankylosaurus

Ankylosaurs may be herbivores, but that does not prevent you from having to be careful when you come across one. That armored back and the tail ending in a club They’re not for show and can shred your exosuit in no time.


exoprimal: tricer

The tricertops is another herbivore of those who, unfortunately, do not have problems in hunt humans. Aside from their imposing size and obvious horns, they can deflect attacks with the skull plate that characterizes them. Be careful to put yourself in the middle when he charges.

Tyrannosaurus (tyrannosaurus rex)

exoprimal: tyrannosaurus

It is possibly the most famous dinosaur in the world, thanks to popular culture. To the imposing size and the sharp teeth adds speed and aggressiveness. Worst? If the fight goes on for too long, he will lose what little self-control he has left and become even more violent.

Pachycephalosaurus (pachycephalosaurus wyomingensis)

Exoprimal: Pachycephalosaurus

A not very large herbivore, somewhat less aggressive than other of its kind but equally dangerous. if you get hit you by ramming you will see that this covering of the skull is not a soft decoration.

Dilophosaurus (Dilophosaurus wetherilli)

exoprimal: dilophosaurus

An easy creature to recognize thanks to the ruff that extends before attacking. The acid it spews out can poison you and, to top it all off, throwing it out hinders vision in the combat zone.

carnotaurus (carnotaurus sastrei)

Exoprimal: Carnotaurus

An aggressive bug with a quite characteristic head. Those horns sticking out of his eyebrows come in handy when he’s charging. In addition, its powerful legs translate into powerful attacks with them, be very careful if you approach by going around.

Synornithosaurus (sinornithosaurus)

exoprimal: sinornithosaurus

The sinornitosaurus is a very particular enemy. Similar to the deinonic but smallerThey move in fairly large flocks. Aside from the damage they can do to you, they are capable of prevent you from using certain abilities by holding on to your suit.

Stegosaurus (Stegosaurus)

exoprimal: stegosaurus

A herbivore more than add to the variety of dinosaurs in the game. In the case of this creature, aside from the obvious risk involved in its size, its roar can block your abilities Just like the sinornithosaurus.


Exoprimal: Umbraneosaurus

Among the dinosaurs inspired by the original creatures we have this velociraptor mutation. He has a bad habit of merging with his own shadow to make surprise attacks. While he’s in shadow he doesn’t take any damage, so you have to wait for him to come out before attacking you if you want to deal damage to him.

exploding neosaurus

Exoprimal: Explosive Neosaurus

Another variant of velociraptor. In this case, the problem is given because explodes on death. Be very careful to be close when eliminating them.

electrified neosaurus

Exoprimal: Electrified Neosaurus

This velociraptor mutation can throw purple orbs who chase you To add insult to injury, you can teleport to seek a more advantageous position. What comes to be a nightmare, come on.

Summoning Neosaurus

Exoprimal: Summoning Neosaurus

This time we have a pteranodon mutation. They won’t attack you directly, but summons pteranodons common to pounce on you.

igneous neosaurus

exoprimal: neosaurus

A fire pteranodon: Fly overhead and launch flaming projectiles that explode on landing.


exoprimal: neoankylosaurus

This time, the mutation is ankylosaur. You can use a earth shield to block attacks and throw exploding shells. Not the kind of thing you want to be around while avoiding a pack of raptors, really.


Exoprimal: Neotyrannosaurus

The Tyrannosaurus mutation makes it even more dangerous: shock waves, laser beams and if one is not enough for you, you can summon other neotyrannosaurs to tip the balance in your favor.


exoprimal: cryptoneosaurus

The synornithosaurus mutation is able to do invisible and pierce shields of energy, in addition to electrocuting the player it holds with its claws.


exoprimal: cryoneosaurus

Finally we have a second mutation of synornithosaurusin this case centered on the ice. Throw icy projectiles and can create ice lures to prevent damage.

exoprimal be available from July 14 on PC, PS5 and PS4. In addition, I will also arrive on the same date at the game pass Xbox One and Series S|X.

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