Expand PS5 Hard Drive: Compatible SSDs, Heatsinks and All Requirements

The PS5 can now finally be expanded with suitable SSDs if you participate in the beta program.

The PS5 can now finally be expanded with suitable SSDs if you participate in the beta program.

For days, many PS5 fans have been concerned with one question: Which SSD can I use to expand the limited internal storage space? Sony finally released the new system update for everyone and everyone can now use the memory slot with the new firmware. Here you will find the list of previously known SSDs that are suitable and also fit as PS5 memory expansion.

Which SSD fits into the PS5 and meets all the requirements?

There are already some: After last week only one manufacturer was able to officially confirm that the in-house SSD fits and works, more and more SSDs are now gradually being added. The fact that this is so slow is mainly due to the extensive requirements that the SSDs have to meet. It’s not just about interface and speed, but also about heatsink and dimensions.

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You have to pay attention to this: Sony has detailed the requirements for the storage expansion SSDs. Sony offers no guarantee if you install the wrong SSD or if something breaks.

These are the specifications from the console manufacturer:

  • interface: PCIe Gen4 M.2 NVMe SSD
  • size: 250GB to 4TB
  • reading speed: at least 5,500 MB/s
  • form factor: The PS5 only supports the M.2 types 2230, 2242, 2260, 2280 and 22110.
  • socket type: Socket 3 (key M)
  • Height: 11.25mm or less in total.

You can find out exactly how to install the SSDs and what else you need to pay attention to here in our GamePro instructions:

Compatible with PS5 – These SSDs will fit and work:

But beware: With some SSDs listed here, you have to buy and attach a heatsink yourself. Some come with a heatsink, but it can be too big. That means you need another, smaller one and have to replace it so that the SSD also fits into the PS5.

A few of these SSDs have not yet been officially confirmed, but they still meet all the requirements and are the right size.

The Esports Extrasbyte Aorus SSD is actually a tiny bit larger than Sony’s stated dimensions, but it still fits. The manufacturer states this himself and the technology experts from Digital Foundry also confirm this. Apparently Sony prefers to exercise caution and quotes rather conservative values.

Heatsinks compatible with the PS5:

Some SSDs require an additional heat sink because none are included or are too big. To make your search a little easier, here are the heatsinks that are compatible with the PS5.

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These are the currently cheapest, compatible PS5 SSDs (as of 08/23/22)

At the moment, the SSDs that meet Sony’s requirements are an investment that perhaps not everyone can afford. However, if you still need memory expansion, these are your currently cheapest alternatives:

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Which SSD are you considering to expand the storage space of your PS5?

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