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2022 leak already indicated Chloe’s fate in the new Life is Strange



The new Life is Strange was revealed, but fans missed an important character: Chloe Price, the friend of protagonist Max Caulfield, who is precisely the reason for the destruction of Arcadia Bay. Recently, Deck Nine assured that it will respect the final choices of the first game, but a leaker who released information two years ago had already predicted Chloe’s fate.

Published in 2022, user asp821 corrected plot details that we know of. For example, the publication had already anticipated that Max would be back, more mature and with the mission of solving the mystery of a friend’s murder. Additionally, the post mentioned powers that allowed travel between alternative realities.

Regarding Chloe, the leaker himself had pointed out that she would appear “if the player had kept her alive”. Of course, her appearance would depend on the ending chosen in the first title – which will probably be defined at the beginning of the Life is Strange: Double Exposure adventure.

Potential Life is Strange 4 Rumor
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New Life is Strange: gameplay already released

In a recent broadcast, Deck Nine showed more information about Max’s gameplay and powers in Life is Strange: Double Exposure. Want to know more details? Click this link!

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