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2K fires group of Visual Concepts employees



After countless developers were laid off in January, the wave continues at the beginning of February. This time, the targets were members of the Visual Concepts studio, from the WWE and NBA franchises, who had their contracts terminated by 2K.

A series of reports on social media indicate that “a group” of employees are no longer part of the company. It includes the studio's former art manager, Brad Bowling, who owned the house for 23 years, former software engineer, Sydney F, and several names from other productive sectors.

“Well, the bloodshed in the gaming industry continues,” said the artist (via VGC). “Today Visual Concepts Austin fired me and a group of very talented developers. I’ve had a lot of fun over the last few years working with some of the best names in gaming.”

Sydney F also commented that this would be her second layoff in the industry in just two years. According to Bowling's words, “nothing like this” had ever been seen by the publisher, even after some crises of different scales.

WWE 2K24WWE 2K24
Source: 2K

In addition to developing the WWE and NBA franchises, Visual Concepts is the studio behind LEGO 2K Drive.

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