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5 LEGO ideas to decorate your interior with style



Discover how LEGO sets can transform your home with style and originality. An ideal selection for art and design lovers, combining creativity and elegance.

In a world where interior design reflects our personality and passions, LEGO sets offer an unparalleled touch of creativity and originality. These little building bricks, emblematic of our childhood, are reinvented to take over the living spaces of adults, transforming offices and living rooms into true works of art. Whether adding a pop of color to a monotonous office or creating a bold focal point in a living room, there's a LEGO set to suit every style and space.

This selection of LEGO sets, carefully chosen for lovers of art and design, promises to revolutionize the way we think about interior design. Each piece is designed to inspire and amaze.

So let's dive together into this universe where imagination meets design, and discover how these iconic sets can enrich our interiors with elegance and sophistication.

1. LEGO Creator Bonsai — 10281

LEGO Creator Bonsai Set — 10281

LEGO Creator Bonsai set, flower version, displayed.

The LEGO Bonsai Model (10281) reinvents the art of interior design with a touch of creativity and serenity. Ideal for bonsai enthusiasts or those looking for a unique construction project, this set allows you to switch between a traditional bonsai with green leaves and a cherry tree in bloom. Charming details, like the frogs hidden among the flowers and its elegant display, make it a captivating conversation piece for any living or working space.

Measuring over 18 cm high, 21 cm long and 20 cm wide, and made up of 878 pieces, this LEGO set is sure to attract attention, inviting customization thanks to its modular elements for an always unique look .

By integrating this model into the heart of your decor, you introduce a fascinating element that evolves according to your desires, reflecting the beauty and ephemerality of the seasons. This piece from the Botanique collection, designed with sustainability in mind through the use of plant-based plastic, brings a touch of nature and authenticity to any interior environment.

This set is available for €49.99.


2. LEGO Ideas Vincent van Gogh – Starry Night — 21333

LEGO Ideas Vincent van Gogh - Starry Night Set — 21333

LEGO Ideas Vincent van Gogh – Starry Night set on display

The LEGO set transforms Vincent van Gogh's Starry Night (21333) into a fascinating 3D building experience, aimed at adults who want to celebrate art in an interactive way. As you assemble each brick, you immerse yourself in the world of Van Gogh, replicating the vibrant colors and swirling patterns that characterize this iconic work. Measuring over 28cm high, 38cm wide and 12cm deep, this set is made up of 2316 bricks.

This project, born from a collaboration between MoMA, LEGO and a fan creator, makes art accessible and engaging. It's the perfect gift for any art and decor enthusiast, enriching any living space with a touch of art history.

Hung on the wall or displayed on a piece of furniture, this Starry Night LEGO replica instantly transforms the space into a personal gallery, inspiring admiration and conversation.

This set is available for €169.99.


3. LEGO Icons Miniature Plants — 10329

LEGO Icons Miniature Plants Set — 10329

LEGO Icons Miniature Plants set on display

The LEGO Icons Miniature Plants set offers botany lovers a unique opportunity to express their passion for nature through creative building. With everything needed to assemble 9 plants from different ecosystems, ranging from tropical jungles to arid deserts, each model comes with a buildable pot. Suitable for both beginners and experienced builders, this set offers different levels of complexity, allowing everyone to find their challenge.

Not only do these LEGO plant creations bring a touch of greenery to your home with no maintenance required, but they also make an original gift idea for anyone who appreciates the beauty of plants and the fun of building. With the largest plant measuring over 16cm, these miniatures add a charming plant dimension to any office or living space.

Perfect for those looking to combine their love of gardening with their passion for LEGO, these miniature plants beautify any space while highlighting unique, personalized creativity.

This set is available for €49.99.

4. LEGO Art Hokusai – The Great Wave — 31208

LEGO Art Hokusai Set – The Great Wave — 31208

LEGO Art Hokusai – The Great Wave set on display

The LEGO Art Hokusai's Great Wave (31208) set invites adults to assemble a three-dimensional version of this timeless masterpiece. This 1,810-piece building project includes everything needed to create an impressive piece of LEGO wall art, including 6 base plates, 2 display hooks, a brick divider, and a special signature tile by Hokusai.

Intended to become a focal point in any interior, this set is aimed at art lovers wanting to personalize their decoration. Measuring over 39cm tall and 52cm wide, this LEGO interpretation of The Great Wave fits perfectly on the wall, bringing a touch of elegance and culture.

Incorporating this iconic LEGO painting into your decor highlights a refined taste for art and history, enriching any living space with a world-renowned classic work.

This set is available for €99.99.


5. LEGO Icons Wildflower Bouquet — 10313

LEGO Icons Wildflower Bouquet Set — 10313

LEGO Icons set Bouquet of wildflowers on display

The LEGO Icons Dried Flowers centerpiece (10314) is a real invitation to creativity and relaxation for adults. This set allows you to build a beautiful floral arrangement including iconic flowers such as gerbera and rose. With the possibility of dividing the construction into two parts, it becomes an ideal way to share a special moment with a loved one, while creating a unique decorative object.

Once assembled, this model offers various display possibilities: as a centerpiece on a table, hung on the wall, or combined with another set for a more imposing arrangement. With its generous dimensions of over 7 cm high, 40 cm wide, and 13 cm deep, it catches the eye and enriches any space.

Introducing the Dried Flowers centerpiece into your interior brings a touch of nature and lasting elegance, evoking the fleeting beauty of the seasons in the comfort of your home.

This set is available for €49.99.


LEGO home decor sets transform living spaces into personal art galleries, where creativity and design collide. Whether reliving artistic masterpieces or elegantly adding a touch of nature, LEGO offers a unique experience that combines fun and style.

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