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7 games leave PS Plus Extra/Deluxe tomorrow (19)



PS Plus Extra/Deluxe subscribers have the last few hours to enjoy some games from the service's catalogues. Starting tomorrow (19), seven titles will leave the platform and can only be accessed through purchase via the PS Store or physical media.

Code Vein, Ghostwire: Tokyo, Outer Wilds, Tchia and other games will leave the service to make way for other great games. This way, if you want to enjoy them at no additional cost, just add them to your library and make the most of them in these final hours of availability.

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Check below the list of seven games leaving PS Plus Extra/Deluxe starting this week:

tokyo ghostwire banner
Source: Tango Gameworks

Discover the games coming to PS Plus Extra/Deluxe this week

The games will give way to major titles such as NBA 2K24, Resident Evil 3, Marvel's Midnight Suns, LEGO DC Supervillains and others. In Brazil, they can be downloaded this Tuesday afternoon (19), like the highlights of March from the PS Plus Extra and Deluxe plans. Click here to learn more.

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