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A Do Not Open Story is available for PS VR2



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Ovrdark: A Do Not Open Story, the highly anticipated horror game for the PS VR2, is now available on the PS Store. Developed by studio NoxNoctis Games, the title will take players on an adventure in a haunted house, containing exploration puzzles and jumpscares.

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The title arrives on the PS5 headset with stealth mechanics to escape a killer, spatial sound system via FMOD and support for Sense controls features for tactile sensations and intensification of horror through vibrations.

Furthermore, Ovrdark takes advantage of next-generation hardware to offer an experience free from loading screens and interruptions. This way, players will be able to explore the mansion fluidly and without worrying about rhythm breaks.

Watch the new trailer for the game below:

For more information about the game and the developer, simply access the official website or its social media.

Learn more about Ovrdark: A Do Not Open Story

Read the game's description below, according to its official page on the PlayStation store:

Ovrdark is the sequel to the acclaimed game “Do Not Open”, taking the series to new horrors and challenges in the world of virtual reality.

Step into the shoes of George Foster, a fearless investigator and companion of Mike Goreng, who ventures into the mansion after the shocking events of the first game. However, what he finds is much more sinister than anticipated.

Are you already playing the game on your headset? If so, share your impressions with us!

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