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A famous Hollywood director edited his film with the Apple Vision Pro: “I’m shocked”



Hollywood director Jonathan Chu used Apple Vision Pro to edit the film Wickedwhen he found himself stranded at home due to flooding.

Virtual reality and augmented reality are not new: their long history goes back a long way, and their creation is not even particularly linked to video games, since they can be attributed uses in the medical or for other types of training, making it possible to avoid risks for students and trainers alike.

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Once again, technology demonstrated its ability to move away from the realm of games, as a Hollywood director used it to put together a film. Stuck at home due to flooding, the filmmaker has used the Apple Vision Pro, which has been on everyone's lips since it was released in stores at the beginning of February 2024.

Jonathan Chu, director of Crazy Rich Asianswas in the middle of editing his adaptation for the cinema of the musical Wicked – centered on the Witch of the West – when the city of Los Angeles was hit by severe flooding. With the roads leading to the editing room blocked, the filmmaker found himself stuck at home. Having recently purchased an Apple Vision Pro, he decided to test the device to pay a virtual visit to the studio.

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The Apple Vision Pro soon to be used for editing Hollywood films?

Jonathan Chu therefore used the Apple Vision Pro to work remotely with his editor, Myron Kerstein.

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Because yes, even in Hollywood, it happens that directors can have their say and work closely with those who are responsible for editing their film. And it wasn't floods that were likely to stop the filmmaker: using EvercastUS, Chu was able to collaborate with Kerstien and review the changes made to the feature film, on a virtual screen the same size as a real canvas. cinema, precisely replicating the experience of spectators in a theater.

The director took to social media to say how impressed he was with the Vision Pro: “I have to say it out loud again. I was there for HOURS, editing a major feature film on a huge virtual screen (the size of a real movie screen) from the comfort of my home. Without migraine. I can't tell you what a revelation this was. This is cutting-edge productivity, with high stakes, and it's available in our time! I am still shocked.”

The Apple Vision Pro is still in its early stages, but it's very likely that other unusual uses will emerge in the future as the product develops.

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