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A GTA 6 leak resurfaces and announces the return of a revisited cult activity



A leak regarding GTA 6 has resurfaced and has generated quite a bit of excitement among fans. It would announce the return of an old mini-game with something new.

In December, Rockstar Games finally began to answer some big questions about Grand Theft Auto 6 when they released the first trailer for the long-awaited title.

This trailer confirmed old leaks that we'll explore Lucia and Jason's story, not only in Vice City, but in the wider Miami-inspired state of Leonida.

Despite promising further updates, Rockstar and their publishers, Take-Two, are once again silent. This silence has prompted some fans to revisit old leaks. And in fact, there is one that really excited the fans.

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According to a leak, GTA 6 will have a 3 on 3 basketball mode and fans are excited

The leak in question comes from the mysterious and now-deleted Reddit account Well_Look_Whos_Back, which has been accurate with a number of leaks in the past.

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One of his claims, that GTA 6 would include a 3-on-3 basketball mini-game, resurfaced in late February and quickly spread across social media.

Many long-time Grand Theft Auto players have pointed out how much they loved the basketball mini-game in San Andreas – since you could play basketball in Sweet's backyard – and how GTA 5 had a lot of winks to an unfinished mini-game of its own.

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It's going to be better than any 2K ever made “, tweeted a fan. “ I hope they bring back bowling and other mini games “, commented another.

A basketball mini-game has also been mentioned in other supposed leaks. However, since Well_Look_Whos_Back also mentioned it, it adds a little more credibility that it's real. All we have to do is wait to find out what Rockstar has in store for GTA 6.

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