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A Helldivers 2 player carries out a heroic attack on an Automaton base



A Helldivers 2 player shocked the community after his aggressive attempt to destroy an Automaton base went surprisingly well.

A member of the Helldivers 2 community is turning heads with his successful attack on an Automaton base, a move that should have killed him.

The Automatons have quickly become some of the game's most infamous enemies since its release, and most people expect a lot of death when undertaking a mission on one of their planets.

This is why this successful mission left so many players speechless, because for most of them, such an undertaking would mean certain death.

The player in question shared the video on the Helldivers 2 subreddit. He titled his post: “ Perfectly executed stealth attack to destroy factories “.

The video shows them landing right in the center of an Automatons factory, in the middle of a swarm of robots. But somehow he manages to slip, dive, and sprint through them. He then throws a grenade into the factory's ventilation, then dives over the surrounding fence to find a safer area.

The community's reaction can be summed up in the post's most popular comment: ” How the hell did you survive that? »

Just reminds me that I've never landed on a robot planet without being under stupid amounts of gunfire, despite the fact that the map previously indicated that the area was clear ”said another fan. The latter did not understand how this player could have been so lucky when he had never experienced this himself.

Others argue, using the video as an example, that players shouldn't fear the Automatons so much in Helldivers 2. They went on to explain that all people need to do is ” to stay and not move “.

This is another example of what made Helldivers 2 such a hit among its fans. This is a feat the player will be able to boast about for years to come.

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